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Adorable Baby Kittens, Day 17. Cutest Video Ever!

These kittens are so cute! In this video they are 17 days old. They are the baby kittens of the Grey Cat which you can see high on Catnip at:…

Chainsaw Kittens

First video & first song off of the classic 1992 Chainsaw Kittens album “Flipped Out In Singapore”

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  1. The video is good just the guy needs to shuuss! !U dont need to narrate the
    kittens, and dont fiddle around with them they’re only kittens

  2. My junior high writing teacher was buddies with members of this band. They
    all hung out in Norman, OK. Cool that these guys toured with The Smashing
    Pumpkins. I remember Billy Corgan mentioning them at their concert back in
    1996. It was my first concert ever. Mellon Collie tour.

    These guys reunited for the Norman Music Fest several years ago before the
    fest started getting crazy.

  3. I remember buying Flipped Out In Singapore on cassette when I was a kid.
    Never heard of them before but it was 99 cents so I was like fuck it. Loved
    entire album & still do today. Funny thing was I always thought it was a
    girl singing. Now after watching this video years later, I’m like wow,
    thats a dude, cool.

  4. im writing string stuff for this singers new stuff. pretty cool to see
    where hes coming from, this is the first time ive ever heard them i like it

  5. don’t listen to radio, but the 1st defenestration lp has always been 1 of
    my fave lps from the 80s. just ordered 4 kittens cds.. will play trax when
    i guest dj again from lehigh university in the xmas town in pa.

  6. These guys rocked! I saw them at RCKCNDY and there was as many in the
    audience as in the band. They never got the recognition they deserved.

  7. Actually, FU420B, smashing pumpkins sounds alot like chainsaw kittens, not
    the other way around. Chainsaw Kittens pre-dated and then influenced
    pumpkins heavily, in fact they used to tour together and often exchanged
    liner notes recognizing each other’s influence. Chainsaw Kittens were
    simply one of the best bands from the alternative rock era!

  8. Nice ^-^ I found out about this band when reading an article on glam rock
    on wikipedia, I was like “Chainsaw Kittens? Interesting name!” Im so glad I
    checked them out ^_^

  9. @andywaynebrooks when i heard them somethgn make me thought to the
    u.s.midwest(curious , im italian native and resident,but ive a good
    knowledge of usa)

  10. I’m from England and They are Fuckin’ hard to find here. Bless Amazon and
    all it’s Singaporian Flip[-outs !!!!!!!!!

  11. the best fucking band from Oklahoma EVER! Saw these guys many times in
    Dallas….they fuckin’ rocked…..would have made a great double bill with
    Pansy Division!

  12. Man i love this band! I freaking wish more people where turned onto music
    this amazing. Everytime i hear the Chainsaw Kittens it takes me back to
    some good memories growing up back in Oklahoma City.

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