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Weird and crazy dogs – Funny dog compilation

Funny compilation about dogs and their strange and crazy behaviour. Some dogs are really hilarious and silly 😀 Please watch also our other compilations and …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Crazy Dog

Crazy Dog


25 Responses to Weird and crazy dogs – Funny dog compilation

  1. If you are dead set on putting stupid music in your videos will you please
    start doing two videos of each? One with the dumb music and one where we
    can listen to what’s going on.

  2. Lmao i was watching documentary’s about Afghanistan and Taliban like 3
    hours ago now im here. Funny no matter what you do on utube you end up
    watching animal videos ahahahaha

  3. lol. that dog with shoes lololol… this video would of been alot better
    … if it wasnt for the shit music!!!

  4. when ur dog is excited to see u, if ya cant love ur dog– at least be fake
    excited for a few minutes…..u are the best part of his day—bc he s
    locked in ur house!

  5. To those commenting either “lol I love to do that to my dogs” or “no that’s
    animal abuse” about the boots on dogs thing. You should NOT put boots or
    socks or things like that on your dogs (or cats or any animal really). It’s
    not good and even besides that it’s very mean.

    HOWEVER it is actually a good thing to do in the winter for any dog or
    animal that needs to spend time on anywhere that has been de-iced. Salted
    (or even worst – the non-salt ice removing chemical pellets) is very VERY
    bad for any animals feet. In that case special doggie footies is a good
    thing to have, but try to kindly get your dog used to them first – don’t
    shove them on the animal and laugh at it’s discomfort.

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