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Sonic The Kitten Meets His Big Brother

Here’s a funny video from You Tube showing a very funny cat

http://www.britethorn This is a video I shot when my wife and I introduced our new 9 week old Bengal kitten, Sonic, to our five year old Snow Bengal Mithril …
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25 Responses to Sonic The Kitten Meets His Big Brother

  1. This really is adorable, though I should point out that chances are, the
    kitten was scared of the bigger cat.

    See at the beginning, the kitten’s ears were back and its spine was arched
    up? that’s the typical body language for being scared and in attack mode.

  2. Another video ruined by putting a song (which not all people like) in the
    video so you have to mute or skip to the the video.. :s

  3. AWW 🙂 Mithril (nice name from Lord Of The Rings) was very gentle in
    getting to know Sonic 🙂 Toward the end of the video, Sonic was looking to
    see if Mithril had milk for him :-)

  4. im curious , are they actually brothers with the same parents or parent or
    do you just call them that do to them both being your pets? because I’ve
    never seen such a smooth first meeting between two cats.. really sweet.

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