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Snarky Puppy feat Magda Giannikou – Ase Me Na Bo (Family Dinner – Volume 1)

‘Ase Me Na Bo’ from Snarky Puppy’s live DVD/CD – “Family Dinner – Volume One” available for purchase at…

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42 Responses to Snarky Puppy feat Magda Giannikou – Ase Me Na Bo (Family Dinner – Volume 1)

  1. I can care less that I have no idea what she’s saying! That’s the
    wonderful thing about The Universal Language; Music. Magda Giannikou has a
    great voice,love her style!!! 

  2. From the rare occasions that I see and enjoy I can secretly admit, Greek
    language in jazzy song. Did not knew the band. 

  3. wish they’d release this one for iTunes. and Amy Merriweather, you are
    sooooo very right. it’s sensual & sexy – and the music makes it more so.
    The Fluglehorn solo is great. like a sunday afternoon drive by the ocean

  4. υπέροχη!! κάθε νότα της έχει βάρος και συνάμα ελαφριά σαν πούπουλο!!!

  5. Her voice is beautiful – I had the experience of hearing her live with
    Snarky Puppy – Have been a fan ever since

  6. Jon , The Nose Tickler… Man Oh Man , Living I’d have
    lost a couple fingers doing that..

  7. I feel your pain! Now that the snow is all melted here and the yard is a
    saturated mess (lots of rain too), our greyhound requires a full wipe-down
    after she goes out. She’s all excited about being warm out and no snow
    that she gets the “zoomies” and blasts around the yard and gets her belly
    and all just totally splashed with mud. Yuk! Haha. Oh well…we are all
    happy for spring to be around the corner!!

  8. Hi Jade & John, Yes Sergeant seems like he’s going to fit right in as
    Josh’s 2nd Co-driver lol! I’m not to sure how the log books will work out
    but it seems it just might 🙂 and John, yes Jade is a really good woman
    she has paid attention to you and you to her!! I’m very happy you to are
    such a great couple!! It makes my hart ware to see you guys together! 

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  10. jade needs a new KW 900 why it got a full couch in the sleeper! the guy
    Jerry from trucking with molly walked though a new red KW at celladon yard
    it was unlocked!! i was shocked who order a new truck with a big sleeper
    and a bunk over a full couch!! where the flat screen tv go?

  11. Yeah, ankle socks and boots don’t mix. I learned that earlier on this
    lol. the “Oregon Retirement Home” post card! 

  12. Jade when I seen the back of your house when you were spreading grass seed
    it just reminded me of when you smashed the PIE in jon’s face LOL LOL

  13. I think I’m going to get an Air Fryer. I’ve been using a microwave
    cookware with a heating disc in the bottom so it cooks differently from a

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