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Sith Lords, StoneTrolls & Crazy Cats

Here’s a funny video from You Tube showing a very funny cat

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25 Responses to Sith Lords, StoneTrolls & Crazy Cats

  1. Awesome video guys! Looks a lot of fun. The Hobbit is probably my most
    anticipated movie after the summer season, but i really hope we get a
    second trailer real soon.

  2. I’m soo psyched for the Hobbit! It’s my favorite book ever and the only
    problem I have is that I have such high expectations and vivid pictures in
    my mind that I might be disappointed. However, stone trolls and everything
    else I’ve seen so far looks amazing I think Jackson is on the right track!

  3. MYOOW!! Okay, a little more energy this time… MYOOOOOOWW!!! Dig down
    deep, your sucky childhood… MMMYYYRRRROOOOWWWW!! Much better, that was
    awesome, we”ll call you…

  4. they referenced the trolls in fellowship of the ring when Bilbo is telling
    his sotry to some kids and when frodo and the gang rested where the trolls
    were turned to stone.

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