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Rescuing Riley, puppy rescued from a 350′ deep slot canyon

Rescuing Riley, puppy rescued from a 350' deep slot canyon

This is the video Zak Anderegg shot when he found and rescued an abandoned puppy in a slot canyon. This story is now described in the book, “Rescuing Riley, …
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24 Responses to Rescuing Riley, puppy rescued from a 350′ deep slot canyon

  1. What kind of monster would left a puppy to die in a place like that? I know
    there are really sick and wicked people, but this? This is beyond my
    ability of comprehension.

    That wicked bastard deserves to die a slowly and painful death, I would
    gladly rip his heart out with my bare hands.

    Thankfully Riley was found and saved. You my good sir are a true hero and I
    will be eternally grateful to you

  2. Awesome! Someone at the dog park in Sedona AZ told me about this. What a
    wonderful story! Thank you Zak for sharing this story! and Thank You, Jesus
    for watching out for both of them during the rescue and recovery. 

  3. chiedo una cortesia a tutti….chi mi può dare il titolo dell’ultimo brano
    musicale presente in questo bellissimo video?? vi ringrazio fin da
    ora….acquisterò il libro perché credo sia una storia stupenda di amore e
    fedeltà!! grazie in anticipo….ciao Riley, sei bellissimo e, nonostante
    quello che hai vissuto, anche molto fortunato. Un grande bacio a te e al
    tuo compagno a 4 zampe e anche alla tua meravigliosa famiglia. Love

  4. A beautiful story of determination and love for animals..This is what life
    is about..Giving,loving and concern for all.

  5. There really are all manner of people out there. One human abandoned that
    dog to a slow death, another human went to rescue him. Another YouTube tape
    shows a dog left after being hacked with a machete; one leg chopped off,
    face split open. One human did that, another human took that ‘hopeless’
    case, and devoted much love, money and time to restoring it to health and
    happiness. May THAT kind of human prevail!

  6. Thank God you found him. It was surely a miracle! Thank you, thank you,
    thank you!
    I see two lives like threads through the tapestry of life, the life thread
    of a man and the life thread of a black puppy. All the things you learned
    about life and rappelling and the decisions to move, travel and live where
    you finally lived before rappelling down that canyon. A long journey both
    for you and the puppy on separate paths.

    Then in one moment a decision to go to that canyon on that day & not stop
    til suddenly the two paths intersected in that instant. What are the odds,
    what are the probabilities that you should find that puppy just in time to
    save his life! I think we all have a path to travel. Where it leads us
    depends on the decisions we make. Never give up. Never stop trying and
    believing that there’s a reason for us to be alive. I think it all leads to
    one or many special moments. This was one of those specials moments for you
    and that barely alive puppy.

  7. Wow. What an amazing tale. What I love about this, is that by sharing your
    story and how it healed you, it’s healed other people.

  8. WARNING!!! This video is guaranteed to make your sinuses act up, cause you
    to choke up a bit, and your eyes to water. Profusely…

  9. Almost 2 years ago I also saved a 2months old female puppy..She was hit by
    a car but she also suffered by hypothermia. She was left alone by a human
    hand next to a thrash can most likely to die. Fortunately for me and her,
    it was meant to be for us to meet our ways. Nothings compares to how you
    feel when you have saved a soul.. and of course the appreciation you
    receive is undriscribable.. when you can help, when you can offer the least
    to a human being or an animal, please do it.. do not pass by.. Do it even
    for selfish reasons.. cause afterwards you will feel great..!

  10. Maybe he got caught in a flood and got carried into there? You already
    passed two logs that you assumed got there from floods. If this was a hard
    climb for you, I can’t imagine someone being able to transport a dog there.
    He could have been carried there by water without breaking his legs. And
    he would have water to drink from the flood & possibly trash that was also
    swept away to eat from for a couple of days. At least I would prefer that
    explanation. Just glad you found him and chose to do something about it,

  11. WOW. Bless your soul. Such a teary story. I would’ve done the same. To all
    who disliked this video. You’re heartless!

  12. Just met you at the Arc’teryx store in Seattle. Thanks for sharing this
    story. Awesome job helping this wonderful pup!

  13. That’s so mean to just leave a puppy there to die. It’s so sad! But I’m
    glad you did go there and find him. Now he knows he’ll be loved for the
    rest of his life. You gave him another chance! Such a cute puppy too. 🙂
    glad he’s okay now.

  14. God bless you this made me cry I don’t know how human being can be do curl
    who ever did this to this dog I hope they burn in hell 

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