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Nice Puppy photos

Some cool puppy images:

All 5 dogs are captured and rescued!, 4 puppies and momma dog dusted with flea powder, snoozing, San Bruno, Baja California Sur, Mexico
Image by Wonderlane
Rescued these dogs from a huge cemetery in San Rosalia, Baja California Sur, Mexico – high above the town.,_Baja_California…

The puppies are Doberman Pincher. Rodesian Ridgeback, German Shepard mix, and I wish I could have adopted all of them, but I only could take one, so I took Rose.

The momma "Lady Momma" was adopted at the posh Helen Woodward Center for Animals in San Diego, California, USA. I would have loved to take her as well, but I was living on very limited resources, and without a house of my own it was impractical to have such a wish come true.

Two Mexican federal police officers adoped the two smallest puppies, Orange and Blue, from a mesa as my car was inspected for contraband, and a couple in Encinitas, California adopted the prettiest puppy they named Bambi.

Rose is well behaved, relaxed, doesn’t bark, is good looking, intelligent, highly intuitive and sweet. She was immediately accepted by my friends in Seattle, Washington, where she displays kindness towards other dogs, especially those who have been abused.

Image by my talking tree
This puppy hung around my house when everyone left for Christmas break. He was cute. He’s bigger (and less cute) now, but he’s still alive!

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