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Nice Cat photos

A few nice cat images I found:

Sailboat Cat Numo #4268
Image by yellowzeppelin
As I have been collecting old transfers, I’ve been finding that the same designs appear again and again, published by different companies. This one is pretty mysterious to me. It is from a sheet of numo transfers marked only "26 designs" and "4268."

This motif looks a lot like one of the cats from Vogart 102, but it obviously isn’t a Vogart transfer. To show you what I mean, I superimposed it over a copy of the same design I found elsewhere, identified as a Betty Barton.

The numo version of the transfer would have given more room for interpretation on the part of the embroiderer. And it lacks the little musical notes that appear to the upper left of the boat in the Vogart version. (Apparently also not included in the Betty Barton version.)

351/365, December 17; Susannah loves cats
Image by whitepuffycloud
**bumped on June 30, 2011**
Wolf Choir is one of the best things I got from playing in FGR, which is closing it’s doors today. I haven’t played along in over a year, but wanted to bump this lovely photo as a semi-tribute…

I can’t believe I just did this.
Wait, no, i can believe it….

Flickr Group RouletteWolf Choir Rules!
I suggest checking out the group pool and then WOLF CHOIR itself. It is a never ending stream of hilarity.

Anyways…got the awesome vest for at Goodwill. I even got away without the checkout lady unfolding it to see what it was. And that wig was a find after Halloween. It’s such a horrible wig, but perfect for this. And that’s my cat Vinnie. He was such a good sport.

Chat de trottoir / Sidewalk Cat
Image by meantux
Un chat qui sait comment accueillir les étranger, dans le Plateau il y a 2 semaines

A cat which knows how to welcome strangers, on the Plateau 2 weeks ago.

Fonds d’écrans / Desktop wallpapers:

Format 16:10 / Widescreen:

Format 16:9 / Widescreen:
480×272(Sony PSP)

Depuis janvier 2005 à tous les jours j’ai rajouté une image de fond d’écran (chacune en plusieurs formats). Toutes ces images sont disponibles gratuitement, aucun besoin de s’enregistrer à l’adresse suivante:

Every day since January 2005 I added a picture and converted it to multiple Desktop wallpapers formats. All those pictures are available for free, no hassle, no need to register at the following address:

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