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Mom Cat talking to her Kitten. Cutest Cat Moments

I hope you enjoy this video showing a kitten

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25 Responses to Mom Cat talking to her Kitten. Cutest Cat Moments

  1. People dislike this because they cant handle the cutness and they got blind or some of them..their heart melt of the cutness and died

  2. What a gorgeous mama cat and sweet kittens! If I ever get a cat, I’d like to get a Scottish Fold…they are so unique looking and seem to have such easy-going personalities in general. I think they’re the Golden Retriever of cats, but then again I really like Goldens. You must be having so much fun watching them grow!

  3. A cat we once had a long time ago used to carry on very elaborate and detailed monologues with our grandfather clock.

  4. those little babies are so cute (something normal, as cats are concerned..the loveliset animals on theplanet..). so is mummy cat.. so much love.. thank you, such a great video.. how did you do it??

  5. Felinologists prohibit the pairing of two Scottish Fold cats with folded ears. Therefore, not all kittens inherit the folded ears

  6. I was under the impression that Scottish Folds, well… had folded down ears. The mother’s ears are perked up, and the little “Watch Now!” box at the end of the video with a clip of (what I assume to be) the further grown kittens seems to lack the folded ear trait, aside from one of them. Is their Scottish Fold breed less than the usual purity, lowering the amount of folded-eared kittens, or do only a few cats inherit the trademark ears?

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