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Looney Tunes Kittens – Introducing Honey

Trial introduction of an abandoned kitten, to see if Hazel will accept her. Honey has been bottle fed since she was abandoned on a porch at maybe a day old, …
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Oh, John, it’s all over now. Kang has figured it out. She’s into the window before going over the fence, even! I think that’s a first. Following mom is the u…
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35 Responses to Looney Tunes Kittens – Introducing Honey

  1. i like the way the mother looks at the beginning she stares up and it looks
    she thinking not another mouth to fed you have got to be kidding me

  2. They are so cute! I’m getting a Bengal crossed with tabby kitten at Xmas
    and watching this makes me so excited!

  3. You mentioned vanilla extract to make their scents the same. Many times
    I’ve used a bit of tuna juice smeared on the tops of heads and sides to
    encourage grooming, which usually leads to acceptance.

  4. I’m sad Honey wasn’t allowed to stay longer than 2 hours. I think Hazel
    would have adopted her just fine and a cat mama cleaning her would have
    been good stimulation. Supplemental feedings could have helped until Honey
    learned to nurse (which I don’t think would have taken long). Hanging out
    with “siblings” was good for her. Yes, she was destined to die from
    congenital heart problems, but imho I would have liked to see her with
    other kittens and a loving cat mama til the end. Her human foster mom did
    an awesome job. She was very loved and absolutely adorable. Her biological
    mom must’ve sensed something was wrong and left her with people.

  5. Sorry about Honey, but she lived with people who cared for her, and died in
    nice place instead of outside uncared for.

  6. You could hear Marge’s disappointed reaction when Kang climbed up onto the
    windowsill ” Oh noooo,get down you little skamp! That’s my peace and quiet
    over with.”

  7. Anyone surprised that the first over was Kang? I see no hands, no hands at
    all. I loved the conversation between Mother and child on the windowsill;
    would love an interpretation.

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