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Kittens – 01 – Carpenter (lyrics)

Kittens - 01 - Carpenter (lyrics)

Band: Kittens Album:Tiger Comet Song: Carpenter Year: 1995 Label: Sonic Unyon The Kittens are a Great heavy band from Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada (Lyrics in video)

The kittens are now 3 weeks old and recognize my voice. When I call they come running and can’t wait to crawl all over me and cuddle!!
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40 Responses to Kittens – 01 – Carpenter (lyrics)

  1. Easily my favorite Kittens song. So glad to have been able to share a
    stage with these guys in in 1995 at Winnipeg’s Junkyard.

  2. IM so fucking happy i found this album i swear ive been searching high and
    low since I first played Tony Hawks Proving Ground 😀

  3. Glad you like it! This is a great Canadian band from the 90’s, Check out
    more vids from them on my page, they have a lot of great songs with no
    swearing! I hope your teacher plays it for you, and gives it a chance!
    Thanks for watching!

  4. I’ve never played that tony hawks, I’ve played older ones though…. I got
    this album when I seen them live on tour for it, it was awesome!

  5. I think the mother kitty was thinking, “Oh, great, I finally get a moment
    of peace, and the human wakes up the kids!”

  6. Mamma cat trying to relax and look at herself in the mirror and this crazy
    woman wakes up all the sleeping kittens. Mamma cat exited the room faster
    than anyone could say wittle beebees.

  7. Camerawoman: “Bebes?”
    Kittens: “Mew” *little kits come into view*
    Camerawoman: “BEBES!”
    Kittens: “MEW!” *behind the first four follows a horde of kittens that
    pounce onto the camerawoman, eventually overwhelming her*
    Camerawoman: “BEBES NO!”

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