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Kitten Jam – Turn Down For What Video (cute, funny cats/kittens dancing) (official)

I hope you enjoy this video showing a kittens Shelter Cats Got Talent…two adorable and funny kittens dancing to Lil Jon’s Turn Down for What! Please check out our bran…

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  1. Hello everyone,

    We just started fostering a new, loving and adorable kitten, Speedo. Speedo
    was born with Swimmer syndrome, a rare developmental deformity of newborn
    dogs, and less commonly of newborn cats, whereby the hind limbs, and at
    times the front limbs as well, are splayed laterally resulting in an
    inability or difficulty to stand or walk. Forward movement in these animals
    is typically accomplished by lateral pedaling motions, making the dog or
    cat appear as if he or she is “swimming.” Check out our first videos of him
    here and follow along as he progresses on his road through rehabilitation
    via daily physical therapy. We promise he’ll capture your hearts as quickly
    as he captured ours 🙂 – Speedo’s first
    day at his foster home – Speedo playing
    during his first week of therapy

    Or check out our blog to learn more about Speedo, Swimmer syndrome and
    follow along week-by-week with his progress 🙂

  2. Cute, dislike for portrait though.

    Getting tired of this shit. If you intend to upload a video to YouTube,
    turn your damn phone on it’s side. How hard is that? Shit.

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