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Jedi Kittens

I hope you enjoy this video showing a kitten

Jedi Kittens

Tweet! Don’t be fooled by their cuteness because they are really some crazy Jedi Kittens! I …

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50 Responses to Jedi Kittens

  1. boo…. I wanna see cats being cats and fucking each other up with light
    sabers added… not you pussy footing a couple of cats to make em look like
    they “could” have em… booo..

  2. I especially dislike this video because the cat seems to have glued or tied

    Google traductor.

  3. This is one of those, “Bitch please. I haz backup.” *LOL* You mess with
    kitten you get your face ripped off by the dogs.

  4. She is the #1 star for the prettiest Doberman on Youtube. I just love her
    looks! Her face is just so sculpted and beautiful. I have seen some not
    so pretty Dobes in my day. 

  5. OMG.. I just saw a movie clip with John Travolta and a doberman that left
    me breathless, made a comment about the loyalty of the Doberman and the
    German Shepherds that I grew up with and I come across this clip.. I REST
    MY CASE..AWESOME.. Point proven. I’m so in love..LOL…

  6. Its always great seeing loved animals, and got to say this cat is one of
    the best protected I have seen in a while.

  7. If your reading this comment your parent will die within 5 years
    To undo this curse copy on 5 videos. Good luck

    I can’t risk it!

  8. (@Ayla Anonuevo)
    are you serious ? rly because my parents are already dead , gtfo go post
    stupid coments elswhere

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