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How It’s Made – Hot Dogs

Show created by Gabriel Hoss. The show is presented on the Science Channel in the US, Discovery Channel Canada in Canada, and on the Discovery Channel in the United Kingdom. To purchase …

25 Responses to How It’s Made – Hot Dogs

  1. I wish people/corporations/companies would just stop giving people “what
    they want” and start giving them what’s healthy for them. Why are
    cigarettes still legal? Because it’s what people want. I don’t get it…

  2. If you saw this video, and still like to eat hot dogs because your reason
    is “it’s good” and “we’re all going to die one day” You have some serious
    problems and need to educate yourself on taking care of your body and the
    environment. Knowing how overly processed foods are made, especially meats
    and having seen how ethically and inhumanely disgusting it is yet still
    choosing to engulf it inside your body…You really need to re-evaluate
    your habits. 

  3. What is the problem? This is how I would imagine chicken, beef and porn to
    look like if it was mixed together??? Is this the first time you’ve seen
    raw meat? If your bitching about the preservatives then I hope you are
    living a raw diet.

  4. I knew that they use meat leftowers (skin, internal organs, hooves and
    other trash) to produce sausages and pate but this proces realy opened my
    eyes. To make this shit eatable they add a ton of artifical flavors and
    colours that is even more disturbing for our body (most of them are very
    toxic and cause cancer).

    In home made sausages or in a quality sausages they use real meat that
    acctualy look, smel and taste like meat. This kind of meat are only
    grounded down to 200 mil so you can tell it is made of meat.

  5. Mass produced =/= unhealthy while this looks gross, there isn’t really
    anything here I see that is immoral or particularly unhealthy, except for
    maybe salt content.

  6. I feel sorry for you ” Mericans ” lol ! , you’re eating food that you don’t
    know even from what or how it’s made of !! xD I feel so so so sorry for you

  7. LOL..they didn’t show you the part whe’re they throw (whole pigs) with eyes
    ears and everything in the meat crusher i just saw the full video on
    facebook enjoy your hot dogs hahaha…

  8. People may think this process is disgusting, and I’m not gonna lie, that
    paste does look really gnarly, but if you think about it, this is a really
    good idea. As was the original intention of hot dog like sausages, this is
    a good and delicious way of recycling what otherwise would be meat
    byproduct waste. Think about it, if we didn’t have or eat hot dogs, where
    would all that excess meat go? Into some landfill to rot probably, total

  9. AFAIK the pink slime normally gets washed with abundant amounts of ammonia
    in order to hygenize the mixture. Yet this video never mentions it? Was I

  10. he said at the beginning people, leftovers pieces from steak and chickens i
    don’t want all the fatty pieces that they cut off i want pure meat not
    skins and fats.

  11. I don’t give a fuck, I don’t give a rats ass if they have shitty chemicals.
    If they taste good im happy (: muricaaaaaaakdkdjdkdrrina mlgNoscipe~

  12. These fuckers cut off a part of the video . They don’t show you everything
    , in order to not damage the fucking company wich produces these pices of
    shit .To be more specific, check this shit out : /watch?v=dbSE0XxhQ-k

  13. What an informative look at what you can make with “meat batter.” I’m not
    sure which part was worse. The jiggling scraps of animal parts being ground
    up, the pink blob of goo that they became liquefied into, or the poor
    people who have to feed 300,000 of the encasings into a machine every hour.
    Maybe the pink, gelatinous mass of mixed animal because I almost threw up
    then. I am so relieved to be a vegetarian. Anyone else still up for a

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