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GoDaddy’s Super Bowl XLIX 2015 Commercial Mocks Budweiser’s Lost Puppy Dog Sentimental Ad

GoDaddy’s Super Bowl XLIX 2015 Commercial Mocks Budweiser’s Lost Puppy Dog Sentimental Ad

GoDaddy’s Super Bowl XLIX 2015 Commercial Mocks Budweiser’s lost Puppy Dog Sentimental Ad GoDaddy Pulls Puppy Super Bowl Ad GoDaddy was going for warm and fuzzy, with a twist, this Super …
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41 Responses to GoDaddy’s Super Bowl XLIX 2015 Commercial Mocks Budweiser’s Lost Puppy Dog Sentimental Ad

  1. What is so bad about this commercial? Most dog owners I know bought their
    dog, and most businesses are happy to recover and sell lost product.

    What kind of over-sensitive pussy ass society are we that this ad is
    getting pulled?

  2. I hate this commercial so much. This shouldn’t be on tv or even in this
    world. It’s not right. Anyone agree? 

  3. I thought it was quite humorous 😛

    Retarded that it’s being forced out. People realize nothing in the
    commercial actually happened? Do you think the dog was actually flung in
    the air? Do people not understand how video editing and effects work?
    They just tossed a stuffed animal out the back of the truck…. or used
    some graphics *gasps*

    People are so sensitive today… “awww.. it made me sad. It must be
    banned”.. lol..

    Again, I thought it was funny.

  4. Way to go PETA…violate freedom of speech and be PROUD of it. I thought
    it was funny…nothing else. What next, protest bud weiser for violating
    the leash law? What a waste.

  5. What the fuck is this?? This makes me so sad!! This definitely does NOT
    want me to use godaddy!!! Just be smart and bring Danicka Patrick back! :(

  6. This was the single most heartless mean commercial I’ve ever seen. Consider
    my Go Daddy account closed FOREVER!

  7. Ha! By GoDaddy airing this ad early they got everyone to watch it without
    taking up their precious SuperBowl time slot. All you that disapprove of
    the ad still watched it and then passed it on to someone, who also watched
    it. This was brilliant on their part. Now all they have to do is air a
    less controversial ad during SuperBowl and this one will be quickly
    forgotten/forgiven. Imagine, if they continued on this ad and showed the
    buyers training the dog to be a service dog, then using a GoDaddy site to
    find a blind kid for the dog to assist, then the blind kids family uses a
    GoDaddy site to buy a doggy bed with the dog’s name on it and then it ends
    with a cute cuddly heart warming moment and everyone who said “how
    horrible” is now caught in the dilemma of justifying “how is the original
    sellers happiness in selling the homeward bound puppy such a horrible thing
    when its going to such a good cause”; if I was told my blind kid’s future
    service dog fell out of the back of a truck never to be seen again that
    would be devastating!
    Ultimately however, GoDaddy paid for one 30 second slot, and now they get
    to air two commercials for the price of one! Ingenious!

  8. I’m a huge animal lover and support the ASPCA, but this was funny. Ironic
    that all these people were okay with GoDaddy’s blatantly sexist commercials
    before but are not okay with a parody meant to make fun of the Budweiser

  9. So , I guess the people complaining would be happier if it was found by
    PETA or the SPCA , kept in a pen for a few weeks and then killed. How
    disgusting that it was actually sold with out them making a penny off of

  10. What part of this ad should make me want to us their site? I wasn’t funny
    or even cute. Horrible idea and makes the site look bad 

  11. As an animal rights advocate he’ll yes I agree with people being
    “offended”. See it as a joke if you want but there are serious issues out
    there and “jokes” like this is what stunts people knowing the truth. 

  12. Go Daddy pulls their Super Bowl ad mocking heartwarming dog ads. Do you
    think the ad is funny or inappropriate or both? #12Soundoff

  13. I hate Go Daddy now just because of this commercial. Everybody is saying
    “it’s just a commercial” but still. I can’t believe they would make this
    kind of commercial or even think of the idea for it! #godaddy

  14. Waaahh!! My feelings are hurt! Waaahhh!!! those effects look TOO REAL!!!
    Waahhh wahh

    Welcome to the generation of whiners, where morals and laws are ruled by
    emotions instead of logical reasoning. Truly this soon the ending of the
    society we know it and its all your fault.

  15. Nothing wrong with this funny commercial. People misinterpreting it have
    the problem.

    I’m a dog owner, and a dog lover btw.

    The people that hate this commercial most likely would also hate South
    Park. Just saying.

  16. A lot of depressing Super Bowl ads this year, especially between this one
    and Nationwide. I mean, this one had a few redeeming qualities unlike
    Nationwide. It was supposed to be a parody of Budweiser’s puppy commercials
    over the past two years and in that regard it did a pretty good job. But in
    the end, Super Bowl ads are supposed to make us feel good one way or
    another and this one did not. You aren’t going to gain many fans by being
    mean spirited towards a puppy.

  17. How is this commercial bad? People sold an animal. I guess we all know how
    evil that is. People are getting butthurt for no reason. Animals’ rights
    freaks really piss me off. Shut up and eat a burger. 

  18. Whats the big deal, people sell, people buy dogs/puppy…its not like they
    are eating them. Talking about eating dogs, anyone have dogs for sale? lol

  19. omg glad you made it home so i can make a buck off of you! we weren’t
    going to look for you so thank god you are safe we would of lost lmoney
    who ever thought this video is ok really has a sick mind shame on you! 

  20. I have no doubt she will find a great home with people to look after her.
    I’ve had several dogs we’ve gotten from the shelter, and each one has been
    such a delight to have.

  21. Someone please adopt that dog its sad that’s she is the only dog there. I
    would do it but I can’t because I already have a dog.

  22. Omg me and my family would definetely offer to adopt her, but we already
    have 2 cats, so they might not get on well and also there’s five of us so
    five people and 3 pets would probably be too much to handle… Sorry!

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