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Funny puppy Charlie, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Charlie is the cutest Cavalier ever. Funny, watch as he barks at the camera when he was a young pup.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Funny Peanut Butter Dalmatian Insanity.

First time the pups had peanut butter. The1st puppy Tari left “Dalmatian Nation” (nickname for my pack) to her new home in NY. We thought we’d treat the pups…

Puppies Are Dicks: Adopt an Older Dog

Puppies Are Dicks: Adopt an Older Dog

PUPPIES ARE DICKS ™ is a fun way to teach people about the importance of adopting Older Dogs. Every year thousands of older dogs die in shelters simply because they are not puppies. This is f’ing ridiculous. This book will prove once and for all that Older Dogs are wonderful, easy going, loyal, companions and puppies are nothing but 8 lb. dicks. **A portion of all proceeds will be donated to organizations that help Older Dogs!**

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50 Responses to Funny puppy Charlie, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

  1. Just bought my tri-color Cavalier Tommy now just 4 weeks old but i hope he
    turns out like your charlie so cute and naughty 

  2. That is one cute dog . This is the first time I’ve ever seen or heard of
    this breed,very cute and dog is also on YouTube . If you want to
    see her . Her name is pipa . Type in pipa misses mama for first video. I
    can’t wait to see more videos of Charlie .

  3. I have updated the info so hopefully people will stop thinking I am using
    anything that could be harmful to my spotted kids.Some of the negative
    comments are quite extreme. Thanks for all the positive comments. I put
    this up to share and so people could enjoy this. 

  4. people of the video, you need to know that sweet food is dangerous for de
    dogs , and feeding them with a knife its not the best idea. 

  5. I NEVER get tired of watching this video!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE these
    ADORABLE SWEET PUPS!!! (well their probably “big pups” now lol). One
    question how in the WORLD can/could you tell one from the other? xD I mean
    I THINK I saw one with no spots on her/his face so that one is easy but the
    others????? HOLY COW!!!! O,O I’d LOVE to see them in person!!!! Ah well
    atleast I can “visit” them on here!!!! xD As far as the whole negative
    comments….don’t sweat it YOU know you’re not doing ANYTHING WRONG and
    that’s all that matters!!! Those are YOUR babies NOT theirs!!!! They’re
    others out in this cruel world that are just out and out ABUSED by their
    owners…..ya know like oh I don’t know like DOG MILLS…..and THAT’S the
    ones these negative people need to go after!!!! FOR REAL!!!! Dogs or any
    animal are being starved, beaten, and chained up with no shelter WHAT SO
    EVER……yeah now THAT is what you call ABUSE!!! So you keep doing what
    ya doing because the pups they LOVIN that STUFF!!!!! xD THANK YOU SO MUCH
    for sharing!!!!!! 

  6. How many Dalmatians pups do you have? The Dalmatians are having lots of fun
    trying to get the peanut. Dalmatians are my favourite dog and I dream of
    having one someday. Thanks for sharing this lovely video. Have a great

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