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Funny Guilty Cats Compilation 2014

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25 Responses to Funny Guilty Cats Compilation 2014

  1. My cat one time tore in to this bag of treats and. When I caught him eating
    them he just looked at me and walked away XD

  2. OMG!! what a disgusting video…. people should put their things away
    properly well close them in the cupboard properly…… hate this virdeo

  3. I have two cats and their step sisters they have the same dad but different
    moms and a dog but they tag team the dog and don’t even care about what
    they did. So cats do care for what they do! 

  4. some of these comments saying cats don’t feel quilty is kinda wrong. my cat
    knows he did something wrong when he meows at me in high pitch. he likes to
    get on the counters alot and i “tell him get down”, and he gets down. not
    like he understand what i am saying but he knows my tone, and if he is
    doing something wrong he knows by the tone of my voice.

  5. The Story Of The Cat Robber

    Cat: he he he he he

    Person: ….

    Cat: :
    stares at person :

    Person: hi 🙂 what are you doing? 🙂

    Cat: oh nothing just putting this back
    BYE!! :)

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