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25 Responses to FUNNY DOG VIDEOS PART 2

  1. 2:06 gee way to attend to the needs of your crying baby “i think i’ll just
    film the dog howling, then the baby will cheer up” lol

  2. niech ci ludzie zaszczekają to się okaże kto jest czyim przyjacielem a nie
    zmuszają psy do wycia. PAN człowiek hehehe durna istota

  3. is that a boxer or boxer mix at 4:35? Anyway, I am envious!!! Can he ever
    float well !!! Not me. I am in the one or two % of the human population
    that is a sinker.

  4. Are y’all parents crazy that baby is crying and can’t get up and you just
    laugh and do nothing wha wha what’s wrong with you ppl I mean really!?!?

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