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Funny Cats fight over a pink Mustang

Here’s a funny cat video. Hope you like it!

The scared cat is named Gina. She only acts like this with other cats and only cats other than this she is a very mellow and smart cat. The orange cat is nam…

25 Responses to Funny Cats fight over a pink Mustang

  1. The orange cat was like slap, damn what’s that smell dude, you got shit on
    you? Ew you shit on the floor. This isn’t the litter box, I’m telling mom. 

  2. Slap him again!!! one more time, one for me too. Slap Paul, I say!~!!,
    slap him again, he is cheating on you,and he want the car too?. Rearrange
    his face!!……Like he don’t know who Devi is?…….Devi is the

  3. I think I loved this video just for its title before seeing it. Great video
    of cats behaving badly. I Only think it would have been better if the car
    was an Acura with they way they drive.

  4. the orange cat is in heat and the black one is probably neutered,and in
    case no one saw the black cat shit on the floor because she’s scared 1:41

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