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EVERY kitten at bedtime!

Here’s a funny cat video. Hope you like it!

I’ve opened the vaults for this adorable vid of Kodi at bedtime which, I think, is every kitten at bedtime! New videos soon, hopefully, but vacation and work…
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  1. I’ll go out on a limb here and suggest that EVERY kitten out there is like
    this at bedtime! Click PLAY and see if Kodi reminds you of your kitten when
    you get under the covers!

    With being on vacation and getting caught up from vacation, I’ve had very
    little time to film these two. Hopefully I’ll get some new videos soon, but
    in the meantime, I hope you enjoy this one from the vaults! EVERY kitten at

  2. THANK YOU! I thought my kitten was the only one who pounced on fingers and
    toes under the covers, chased his tail while on the bed, and chased the
    older cat off the bed! I feel so much better now!!! :D

  3. Oh yes. Shane and Ringo both wake up from their evening snoozing just as
    I’m about to go to bed. They’ve never really play-attacked me so much, but
    Shane goes ballistic on the box spring, bunny kicking it, pulling himself
    along the floor with his front claws. I discourage this, but he still does
    it from time to time. Ringo’s more sedate but he’ll go meow at the bedroom
    door to go out, which never happens and I tempt him back with treats. We
    keep these two separate from the other 3 because they’d fight with them all
    night otherwise, even after 6+ years together. They just don’t like each
    other much. (sigh)

  4. lol This used to be my cat before she got old and lazy. She still likes to
    attack my feet under the covers occasionally, but I don’t encourage her
    anymore because in her old age she goes for BLOOD. Even during the winter
    when I have five or six blankets, she claws or bights as hard as she can
    and penetrates my skin. Not anymore!

  5. hah! my mothers elderly cat usually gets on the bed meowing and pawing my
    mother either in the face or on her head to ‘hey, human, feed me!’

  6. Mine doesn’t do the foot attacks, but as soon as I get ready for bed,
    whether at 10 or 2, he goes right into his nightly “laps” around the
    apartment, making it hard for me to get ready. Furry little buggers. 

  7. You must get no sleep with 2 little munchkins. My cat likes telling me how
    much she loves me usually about 5 o’clock in the morning!!

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