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Etho Plays Minecraft – Episode 338: Crazy Cats

Here’s a funny video from You Tube showing a very funny cat

Etho Plays Minecraft - Episode 338: Crazy Cats

In this Minecraft episode we play with some creepers, but then get around to building a new mob system by the man cave. Twitter:…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to Etho Plays Minecraft – Episode 338: Crazy Cats

  1. Everyone comments *FIRST* So I’m gonna comment *LAST* Haha! Great video
    Etho! The creepers and slabs was cool!


  2. I find that the exploration aspect of minecraft is quite bland and I wish
    mojang would add more generated structures, mobs, biomes, etc. what is your
    take on the exploration aspect of minecraft and what structures/biomes do
    you think should be added?

  3. Etho! I hope you read this. Don’t play your world on the 14w18a snapshot
    until you get rid of all your item frames. There is a bug that crashes you
    world if it has item frame entities in it. If it does crash it will be fine
    when you go back to the 14w17a snapshot.

  4. “And I dom’t really have any jungles around…” Etho said as he built near
    a jungle in the background.

  5. Hey guys! Don’t forget to “Like”, “Comment”, and “Subscribe”! It really
    helps Etho out and he doesn’t remind us, so show your love by supporting
    the channel! :)

  6. A mama cat will do anything for her kittens…the dangers of being wet
    isn’t anything in the face of feeding hungry mouths 🙂 And it is dangerous,
    it washes out the protective oils in their fur that do a lot to keep them
    safe from cold and sickness.

  7. I feel they should add a new ore to the game, something rarer then diamond
    and harder to get.
    I was thinking of a gemstone rarer then diamond called Tanzanite! You
    should google it, its quite a pretty stone! :)

  8. You can make a calculator in minecraft that could add any two numbers to
    get to nine as long as they where single digits. The wiring was incredibly
    hard but I was able to do it

  9. Anyone want to join a minecraft realms server, if so contact me through
    this chat.
    Its going to be a vanilla SMP server with a whitelist. There are no
    requirements except for you have to have a Skype and you have to be mature

  10. Etho I’m loving you more than ever your constant uploads of my favorite 2
    series FTB and your letsplay, whos with me!

  11. Can’t wait to see what Etho does with the new slime block effects 😀
    PS didn’t etho try to make a mob sorting system but it didn’t work because
    of weird effects with how skeletons react to wolves?

  12. I saw a cat that also did look both ways before crossing the road…
    however that cat looked back and forth until a car came then fast crossed
    the road xD

  13. I had an outdoorsy cat named whiskers (original name) and he would always
    bring back birds and mice, they where always missing their heads. He also
    brought a live bird back into my house

  14. Hey Etho, it would be cool to see you do a series on Star Wars Republic
    Commando. Please consider my comment. great video Etho! :)

  15. Etho, please DON’T do a facecam, I love the mystery & being able to imagine
    you. I know you get asked for it all the time but please don’t cave. You’ve
    explained why you won’t multiple times, & I think you should stick to it.

  16. i started minecraft on the 360 version a few months back. maybe a year ago
    even. idk. moved to computer probably 5 months ago and got to enjoy the
    full experience shortly before they added in the snapshots. even going back
    to the 360 version is nostalgic for me because even though they’ve made
    some features similar to the most recent version, it’s still behind in
    other areas and reminds me of the first time i played. still hate the small
    map though haha but mc has always entertained me, even if i’m not playing
    and just watching. always fun to watch a good Etho or Beef video, or Bdubs
    or Generik if i’m feeling some AOTBT

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