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Dubstep Cat

I hope you enjoy this video showing a Funny Cats Video

For licensing/usage please contact: I have my own music project – Check it out here!! Meet Dub…
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25 Responses to Dubstep Cat

  1. I freakin laughed the whole time and accidentally fell off my bed. It was SOO funny my stomach hurts from laughing. Poor kitty. It was SOO cute too.

  2. This is not your cat, unless you live with Burnie Burns, Bower. His name is Joe the Cat and he is the mascot of Rooster Teeth. The guy making him dance is Burnie, not said roommate.

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  4. Maybe not but it’s still disrespectful. As a person who loves cats, I would never do this to a cat or any other creature for that matter. Animals aren’t puppets.

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