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Disney’s Planes (Cute Kitten Edition)

Here’s a funny video from You Tube showing a very funny cat

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

This is an example of the WRONG way to introduce pets. See a video on the right way here (we learned). Our 7 year …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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49 Responses to Disney’s Planes (Cute Kitten Edition)

  1. Guys that was awesome. .I will try to show your videos to my 5 month
    daughter and we can ejoy together because I’m so tired of teletubiess

  2. Aw… How sweet!


    Oh, how Dusty swatted the cheater! ROFL

    “I don’t cry! I’m British!”

  3. If this is that dog’s first cat interaction then it’s probably surreal and
    to make matters worse you guys laugh at (her?). Dogs can and do get
    embarrassed when their owner laughs at them. For all they understand, it’s

  4. Sadie was really nervous and not afraid actually (looking away, licking,
    yawning, shaking, etc), obviously a normal reaction since there’s this
    weird thing “invading her home”. But in the end she was pretty cool about
    it, I’ve known dogs who would literally go mental when they just HEAR a

  5. The dog is not scared of the cat. It is scared of you and what you would
    do to it if it attacked the cat.

  6. I’m getting a new kitten soon, I hope my dog doesn’t do anything mean I
    hope it’s like this 

  7. We just brought a kitten home Oct 1st and our Boarder Collie is exactly
    like your lab.Strange thing is that we have other adult cats but he is okay
    with them,lol weird,have fun!

  8. Labs and cats= love they will be sleeping with each other soon. They will
    become the best of friends…Cheers

  9. What a sweet video! Animals can get along, yet some humans cannot grasp the
    concept of ‘living in peace’. Have a great week, Plussers!

    It runs six minutes but it is well worth the watch.
    Both dog and cat owners will love it.

  11. you do realize you are putting that cat in danger of getting bit. If the
    dog snapped at her do you think you could be fast enough to react? NO!! If
    you are going to get a cat and dog it should be a small breed OR bring a
    puppy into house with a grown cat already. Irresponsible retards….
    laughing like its something funny. Its the cat’s life at stake not yours..
    is THAT why its so funny?

  12. Just put the kitten down and let the get to know each other on their own
    takes about 10 mins. Guy sayin no sadie no, you’ll never get them to be
    real friends

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