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Cute Cats and Dogs Love Babies Compilation 2014 [NEW HD]

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

All Smiles Art Christmas – Funny Greyhound Puppy Dog in Santa Hat Christmas Art – Flags – 12 x 18 inch Garden Flag (fl_200596_1)

All Smiles Art Christmas - Funny Greyhound Puppy Dog in Santa Hat Christmas Art - Flags - 12 x 18 inch Garden Flag (fl_200596_1)

  • Overall dimension (in inches): 12 x 18; image size (in inches): 10 x 10
  • Made of 100% single-ply semi-opaque polyester
  • Image is printed on one side, with a lighter image visible on the backside
  • Suitable for hanging from a flag pole (8mm in diameter), on a wall, ceiling, banisters or doors
  • Hanging hardware/pole not included

Funny Greyhound Puppy Dog in Santa Hat Christmas Art Flag is a creative way to celebrate all year round by adding a little bit of color and fun. Made of 100% single-ply semi-opaque polyester with the image printed on one side; a lighter image will be visible on the backside. Hang using a pole, on the wall, ceiling, banister, and door or anywhere you feel the need to add a splash of color. Hanging hardware/pole not included.

List Price: $ 17.98


50 Responses to Cute Cats and Dogs Love Babies Compilation 2014 [NEW HD]

  1. I do like the video, but, I was just wondering is it safe to let animals to
    play (lick) around a babies face? Especially Cats. I’ve heard stories where
    these cats like the smell of brain and killed a baby wanting to eat it.
    They can smell the brain because the skull formation is under process.
    So MAYBE, I dont know.. I always thought these cats and dogs are not safe.
    The’re animals anyway… I have a dog at my house, she is 15 year old. I
    never trusted her and allowed any baby to reach to her… just in case you
    never know… ??

  2. My Lord I wounder how these western let animals lick their babies ?

    We are in 21st century and there is some thing called germ !!

    I like animals but no way I will let that happen :D

  3. there is war and world hunger EVERYWHERE and there is over 250 comments
    about a baby wearing studs, peoples priorities are FUCKED up and seriously
    missed placed, so so so sad 

  4. 0:44 is the dog’s tummy supposed to be that thin? Maybe it’s just the
    breed, I dunno. I have an urge to feed it a sandwich or something. :c

  5. It is hard to believe that muslims teach their kids that dogs are evil and
    In Muslim countries people throw stones at dogs. Many end up injured or
    dead on the curb side. Animal shelters set up by Christians are driven out
    of the country.
    Muslims seem to at least show some restraint in America, though it has been
    rumored they are responsible for poisoning stray dogs.

  6. I think its the cutest. Mostly, from my experience, dogs are really
    tolerant of children, especially if you give them both time to warm up to
    each other. 

  7. Soooo people don’t like dogs licking a baby but a dog mouth is cleaner then
    a human and parents kiss all over there baby but okay

  8. สุขสันต์วันหยุด อาทิตย์ที่5ต.ค.57มีความสุข สดชื่นแจ่มใส สนุกสนาน
    **.Cute Cats and Dogs Love Babies Compilation 2014 [NEW HD].**
    …………เผยแพร่เมื่อ 5 ส.ค. 2014
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  9. watching these incredibly cute and innocent videos, I’ve recently turned
    24, and find it eery to think that I, likely in the next few years, will
    become a father and have my own bundle of joy who I will just
    unconditionally love the way my parents loved and played with me like the
    father in this video at 2:00. Definitely a bit scary though, as I still
    think of myself as a kid in many ways. How life just goes and goes and goes
    :-/ :,-)

  10. I know many people will disagree with me but it’s not safe to have animals
    around your babies,they may have moodswings and may unintentionally harm
    the babies.Animals don’t know what is a human baby and what is not.So
    better not take the risk.

  11. AAAHAHHAHAHHHHH bellisimi, ei +paola priarone a quanto vedo al minuto
    0,20-0,36 il tuo gatto non lascia avicinare nessunoal neonato AAAHAHHAHHAA

  12. Yes thank you I am aware of what a pug is vs a bulldog, yes a clip got in
    that was a french bulldog. I was only going by the titles of the videos, if
    the dog owner was unsure of the breed of their own dog, I can’t help that.
    Looking back I am unsure how it got past me. However I am not sure how it
    could effect your viewing experience that adversely. 

  13. The very first time i fell in love with this breed of dogs when i watched
    the movie “The adventures of Milo and Otis”. It was probably the cutest
    movie i’ve ever seen, I just decided to download it and watch it again
    after all these years. I highly recomend it to anyone who hasn’t seen it
    yet. You don’t have to be a child to enjoy it!

  14. I loved are black pug’s i had when i was in school really good dog’s to
    have . But yea pug’s are some of the funnest little dog’s out there tho .

  15. Pugs r cute. I want one but I live in a unit that doesn’t allow pets,
    winter here is cold and apparently they have lots of health problems 

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