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cats talking – funny compilation

cats talking! these cats talking videos aren’t mine! these are my favorite cats talking videos. please like the cats talking compilation!! thanks! tags: cats…

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  1. When my cat eats ham, he goes “NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM”, literelly. Me and my
    dad think it’s the funniest thing ever, hehe

  2. . my cat does this whenever I slowly walk up to her then I duck behind a
    wall then I keep doing it. people relax. it’s not animal cruelty cats are
    easily freaked out by everything paper, bags , toss a piece of meat at them
    even though its food she/ will still freak out and take off running.
    whoever said the cat is having a seizure I really want to slap you in the

  3. 1:39 the fact that the cat is not attacking that dude clearly shows that
    they are building up a better relationship. Cats often behave like that
    when they are moved into a new home and feel like they are in an unfamiliar
    and uncomfortable place surrounded by scary strangers and even scariers

  4. The response of the poor cat from Russia at the end was hard to watch. As
    you can easily tell from about 2:53 on by its body posture that is a
    distress call and the animal is TERRIFIED, most likely of being hurt by its
    owner. Look at the ears back, head lowered, and the general cowering of the
    animal.This cat appears to be a Maine Coon (characteristic M on the
    forehead) They are VERY intelligent and sweet animals, and this one almost
    certainly has been abused.

    People should have a little compassion and understand animals are not
    people, and the meaning of sounds they make are not necessarily the same as
    if a human was making them. Tragic really.

  5. I like the no-no cat. My persian cat makes a sound that makes this sound,
    “Hoooonk”. The no-no cat doesn’t even meow. All he said was “No no no no no

  6. I think that this clip is not funny at all. I have four cats of my own and
    this is how they react when they are frightened. To do this for an
    unnecessary length of time to your pet to create humour for others is just
    an act of cruelty.

  7. All those cats are in a stressI own a cat and when my family moved to a
    different city a different home my cat made that sound we Toomey him to a
    doctor and he said that he is a stress poor cats they probably got a hit
    from their owners that they can ”trust” or they are in different place
    and think that its not their territory and they getting terrified so they
    call other cats for help this video is insensitive

  8. why are people so pissed about the scared cats? people scare other people
    constantly, and they dont give a shit!

  9. the kitties saying “no” are more than likely in a new environment that
    they’re not used to. It’s just nerves not abuse..

  10. They’re like “Humans, why don’t you listen, your end is near. change your
    ways or divine punishment will be brought upon you” and we’re like “haha,
    look at this talking cat”

  11. hey kitty how do you feel on animal cruelty?
    What about dogs?
    Even the puppies?
    Then what about loud noises.
    What about mice?

  12. These comments’ lack of intelligence gives me chills and seizures.
    Talking about the ones stating that this video contains abuse.

    Stop guys, just stop.

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