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Cats in the Cradle Music Video

This music video was made for a student project at Glen Cove High School. I only take credit for the visual aspects of this video. The credit for the song go…

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  1. I’m 52 now. My son is almost 28 and a sergeant in the USAF. One day, about
    10 years ago, he played this song (this UKJ cover) and both loved it and
    feared it. Many times I have cried listening to it because I always felt I
    had to work so hard when he was little. But I am blessed. I guess that in
    spite of that, he’s always felt I was there when he really needed me, and
    in recent years he has been there for me. He and his sister are the best
    part of my life. I am always happy to hear from them (even when it’s for
    money, LOL). I do get scared that one day they’ll disappear from my life.
    I’m not even their biological father, and he’s a good man who, well, got
    the short end of the stick, though it didn’t seem that way when the kids
    were little. He lost a custody battle and agreed to let me adopt the kids.
    It’s hard because I always have a lingering doubt of where I really stand,
    no matter how much my kids try to reassure me, and how much they’re just
    there, and that doubt stems from guilt over the time I didn’t spend with
    them. Now I have grandkids and while my son lives in another state I love
    visiting and spending time with the family. 

  2. The proper song was written by Harry Chapin Ugly Kid Joe did a cover a
    great cover and a great video!! Good Work

  3. Hello Community,

    Here is a video about how the choices we make can affect our lives. Song
    title is Cats in the Cradle by Harry Chapin. Make time for the ones you
    love while you can.

    Gurjit Bhullar
    #salmanfan #salmandabanggfan +Salman Khan 

  4. @Commando367 ^^ “stop crying you Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder –
    kids 500 people are writting at this video that their fathers were also
    that shitty. I would bet that 50 people are saying the truth, the rest only
    needs attention. Sorry, but that’s foolish as hell” just a free translation
    but it catches his massage have fun with this 😉

  5. im willing to admit i cried at the ending of the video, good work. this
    video makes me glad i spent as much time as possible with my dad before he

  6. This video is so sad and so is this song . . . so many people go through
    this and its sad to say that when we grow up, we have less and less time
    for our loved ones.

  7. @Commando367 this is probably not exactly what it sayas but i got this from
    it howls times not around her all ads children .. 500 people here write
    pure crap that the father just as true. I would bet that the drum is true
    for 50 of them, the rest just needs attention. I’m sorry but this is
    ridiculous sau

  8. MY goodness this is so so saaaaad. i hope the fathers watching this will
    realise how much truth is in it.Your kids need your T-I-M-E that’s all that
    matters to them.

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