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Cat Nurses Puppies

A South Carolina cat who lost her kittens adopts an abandoned litter of puppies. From the 2001 PAX program “It’s a Miracle.” (I do not own this video. No cop…
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25 Responses to Cat Nurses Puppies

  1. Time to kick Smoochie to the curb.

    See if that useless mutt changes it’s mind when it’s starving for a few
    Piece of garbage dog.

    *PS: Not really.* *I wouldn’t condone treating any animal badly,*
    *I just don’t like Smoochie.* *Stupid mutt.*

    *PPS: Miss Kitty is a Hero.* *Love that cat.*

  2. OMG this is disgusting! A dog chained for life! I would love to chain the
    owners to their house and see how they like it! Trailer trash!

  3. I’m not surprised the bitch rejected her pups she was chained up outside,
    some people shouldn’t have animals

  4. the reason the mama dog isn’t nursing or taking care of her puppies is
    because she’s MISERABLE. she’s living her life CHAINED to a dog house
    outside. the owners of these animals are TRAILER TRASH.

  5. OK before all that. They weren’t doing anything for the pups. They didn’t
    do shot basically they were saying. Thank goodness for that cat!

  6. c’est idiot, la chienne est attachée comment voulez vous qu’elle s’occupe
    de ses chiots !
    les propriétaires sont des connards ! honte à eux ! il faut détacher cette

  7. My kid found an abandoned kitten we kept, within a week, my dog Jasmine
    took charge and ended nursing him until past age of weaning. The kitten
    thought my dog was his mom, acts like a dog, etc 

  8. Very sweet story about the puppies but they need to get the mother dog off
    that chain! That is no life for a dog!

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