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5 tiny British Shorthair kittens being born

Here’s a funny cat video. Hope you like it!

British shorthair kittens. Our queen mama just had her third litter of adorable kittens at our cattery, Beauty Tracks, in Toledo, WA. http://www.BritishShort…
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50 Responses to 5 tiny British Shorthair kittens being born

  1. Thank you from me and my 7 year old son Noah for sharing that with Us!
    Beautiful! He said,” Look Mom, it’s the miracle of life!” LoL 🙂 

  2. You’re right, she is. And since we’re a breeder we also know that the mama
    gets exhausted and she recovers more quickly when she has some help. And
    since kittens sometimes get layed on during the distraction of labor we
    make sure they aren’t suffocated during the process.

  3. her eyes are a deep beautiful copper. She’ll be retiring after one more
    litter of kittens. Keep in touch if you’re serious about her.

  4. @TheGangstachic1 you come across as quite rude to be honest. That’s what
    people say is to leave them, but I’ve known people who helped their cats
    and the kittens were perfectly fine. These people helped the kittens here.
    Has anything happened to them? No. It depends on the cat and the situation.
    They did a great job here.

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