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Yoga with Cats

Here’s a funny video from You Tube showing a very funny cat

Yoga with Cats Become one with the breath and the pur…
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25 Responses to Yoga with Cats

  1. If you guys didn’t know, Shorty and Kodi’s dad is actually a fitness
    instructor and so they are used to seeing him do yoga. I think they’ve
    probably been incorporated into his routine all their lives and so that’s
    why they’re okay with being handled that way. Plus, its clear Kodi is a
    lovebug and is always up for cuddling!

  2. awww my, what a sweet and soothing video, including my two favorite things
    in the world – cats and yoga! i love it! =)

  3. …you’re lucky that your cats are that obedient and let you pick them up
    when you want. I have to put mine over my shoulder so that they don’t
    struggle and scratch me… ( -_-)

  4. Love your spirit, your heart ,your balance and fluidity..
    The names for the
    asanas…blissfull and sublime! Your grasp of.kinectix, magic and
    Intuition,and especially the way you feel …your cats!!!

    psyberspatially yours…Astral

  5. Cats seem to appreciate being integrated into Yoga sessions. I can tell you
    however, they don’t appreciate being integrated in hammer throwing

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