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Xmas Puppies – Reaction

SURPRISE! We got puppies! Lots of requests for puppy updates… Follow their lives on Instagram at “mikemidd12_skye_and_storm”. They are doing great!
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25 Responses to Xmas Puppies – Reaction

  1. Very cute and well behaved kids, but at what point does your husband ever
    enjoy the moment. There were two cameras and a video, I think you got it.

  2. Lots of requests for puppy updates. I have an Instagram page for them at
    mikemidd12_skye_and_storm. They are doing great!

  3. This makes me smile because when my australian cattle dog was young, he was
    so hyper, there would be no way he could sit still in a box. The box would
    have been shaking cause he’d probably be inside chasing his tail or

  4. omg did u see that boy hug his dad omg. my boys dont do that aww omg those
    pups lol i hope mine come out pretty gray

  5. Just saw this today and wanted to wish you and your family a Merry
    Christmas! Each of you and the dogs too seem to be terrific people. 

  6. Those r the names I name name a husky, sky or storm … or spartan or
    sapphire or Shiloh etc depends on what the husky looks like lol
    I love naming things really awesome names
    Btw those whiskies r gorgeous

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