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What do kittens dream about?

Kodi shows us there’s a lot going on inside a kitten’s mind, and sometimes it’s not too different from a human’s. ht…

My Blue Heeler takes in two abandoned kittens that are about, 5 days old. for two days then given to a surrogate mother momma kitty.. Check out the video of …

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  1. Your so lucky to have such an awesome and funny cat I had a few days ago my
    cat got hit by a speeding car. Poor chelo didn’t make it. I had her for
    less than a year. Now her sister mittens wanders the house and backyard
    still trying to look for her after 3 mounths. I hope this will never have
    to happen to anyone else.

  2. To answer the question of why they were orphans.. it was at a rent house
    the tenets had moved and took their cat she had kittens in the flower bed
    that I guess they didn’t know about or didn’t care about… that I rescued.
    My dog helped take care of them for a few days until I had found a mama
    kitty that adopted them for real and nursed them

  3. I just brought them in from out in the flower bed thought I’d make a short
    video.. I love it when people talk about stuff they don’t even know about

  4. How about taking the kittens OUT OF THE BOX, it doesn’t take a genius to
    figure out that that’s what she wants so she can feed them. Plus the
    kittens are obviously HUNGRY. Hey, but lets keep filming and repeating the
    same thing over and over and ignore them (so you can hear yourself).

  5. Dog:’Who the heck are you?’
    ‘These aren’t puppies!They are em,I dunno’
    ‘Why ARE THEY CRYING!Staph(stop)recoding and help me!’
    ‘What are these?!’
    ‘Are they baby cows?No?Kittens?NO!Birds?Yes?Ok’
    ‘Wait,they look cute,THEY ARE CATS!’
    ‘Forget about puppies!I wanna have kitties!’

  6. I read from dogs face like he wanted to ask his owner ‘ please tell me how
    to help them or what to do to take them stop crying’. this was so cute and
    dog is really smart. .aww :))

  7. COME ON!!!….Dog tries to tell you to pick up the kittens and put them in
    the dog’s soft bed so the dog can lay down with them…kittens are looking
    for the milk!!!!…you moron for filming it!

  8. you shouldave put the kittens next to her while she lay don…her natural
    instinct was begging u to while you showed off ur training skills by
    forcing her to play tricks…none the less….good man for sving the
    kittens. please learn to have 2 way communication with animals. listening
    is as important as being listened to …

  9. I love how your dog kind off looks like “Hu? What are you guys crying for?
    omg WHAT SHOULD I DO?” It’s so adorable :D

  10. My kitty cat heard the whining in the video she ran and jumped in my lap
    too see what the fuss was about and started at my phone lol :)

  11. That dogs like I think they need something..oh i know! I can clean ’em like
    how I clean me n that’s about it I think..they’re really, really
    little..I don’t get it! What am I suppose to do with them??

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