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What Cats Really Think Of You

What Cats Really Think Of You

Cats are the best! But sometimes they give you that look like Regina George judging you. Check out more awesome BuzzFeedYellow videos!…

Tweet it! Facebook it! A cat wins the Medal of Honor for his heroic actions in the line of duty. We did not hur…

50 Responses to What Cats Really Think Of You

  1. Yea, Cats are just arrogant bitches who don`t care about you. Dogs on the
    other hand care about you, trust you, and are loyal, social animals, and
    thus so better pets. #DogMasterRaceAMIRITE

  2. Cats are better than dogs because i’m saying that they are. You can’t tell
    me it’s not true because this discussion is entirely subjective. Have a
    nice day :3

  3. How come anytime this is a video about cats or dogs the comment section
    turns into a nuclear battle field of which animal is better? I’m going
    through these comments, and only see people trashing both species, saying
    cats are evil, or that dogs are stupid, why do people even fight over this?
    How can you call yourself an animal lover if your determined to insult an
    entire species? No animal is better than another, and no species can fall
    entirely under one trait, some dogs are smart, others are…not. some cats
    love people, others just avoid us. Every animal has a distinct personality
    that it is its own, not it’s species. I have had both dogs, and cats, in my
    lifetime, and each has it’s own perks. I love both cats and dogs, and would
    always love to have both animals in my life, so please, stop arguing which
    animal is better. Because no one will ever win.

  4. I remember I went on vacation once back when I was about 12 and I left
    bowls of food and water out for my cat because I was gone for about a week.
    That little fucker went through everything and THEN clawed through the
    colossal bag of cat food and the shit was everywhere in the basement. And
    that little asshole used to scratch me when I was sleep. I never did
    anything wrong to him but he loved being a troll. I got the final troll
    when I kicked his ass out. Good riddance to that little pussy. I did love
    that cat though, but I love dogs more. 

  5. dogs be like : they feed me and take care of me >>> they must be gods

    cats be like : they feed me and take care of me >>> i must be god

  6. my cat Panthro: “fcuk this cup, fcuk this book, fcuk this mail, fcuk this
    jewelry (I know it’s not real), fcuk this phone while it charges”….
    thanks for the laugh! 

  7. Cats may be better pets than dogs depending on what do you perfer. However
    they are not better in general. When it comes to pets we are purely
    subjective but looking at this objectively dogs are actually useful, they
    are used by the police and by the rescue teams and will probably be used
    for a long time. Cats were only useful for killing rodents like mice,
    that`s why egyptians loved them. Nobody uses cats for that anymore + all
    your cats are well fed and far too lazy to go catch mice. Dogs are still
    used for guiding blind people and even an untrained dog can be very capable
    at protecting you and your property. Not to mention they are more
    intelligent sociable and obedient.

  8. Why must we fight which is better? Can’t we just treat cats and dogs equal?
    Sure I love cats and dogs. Cats don’t need as much attention or food like
    dogs, they still can be loving. And dogs can be loving and loyal more then
    anything else in the world. Sure people can have their own opinions, but
    that doesn’t mean you should critizice each other. I thought we learn to
    love and respect each other. (Or is that just me?)

    *Sigh* No use posting this huh? We are still gonna fight… 

  9. [Insert “cats r awesome and dogs stink” comment here]

  10. My cat always try’s to wake me up by eating/attacking my hair. I’m
    convinced she’s actually going “I do NOT like what you are doing with your
    hair, so I’m going to give you a new fringe, maybe volumise a little…why
    did you push me away!? YOU DONT APPRECIATE MY GENIUS 

  11. Umm.. cats don’t show their belly just to say rub my belly, they’re saying
    “I trust you.”, because a cats belly is its weak point where it’s most
    vulnerable. Never pet a cats belly.

  12. dogs are awesome… i like cats too. but both cat and dog people often have
    no idea of how awesome the combination of both are, when they know
    eachother, its better then just “having a dog and a cat” when you have
    multiples of both, the sum is greater then the parts for one
    reason………………………animals LOVE to troll the shit out of
    eachother and its fucking hilarious. my cats and dogs would have
    eachothers habbits down to a t, and would wait till one has relaxed to
    sneak up and scare the living shit out of them…. back and forth back and
    forth …………. cat: sleeping huh? …..”POUNCE ON SLEEPING DOG
    leaving dog pissed off and confused………… dog: sleeping huh?
    ” WOOOFF!!!!! right in FACE” cat conniption fit and attachment to
    sealing. …….. multiple pets are awesome. 


  14. Like if you watching this from Penistania,in a new galaxy named CumShot,in
    Dont comment cus I from past,when no one knew how to live without
    dying,will see this and it will become akward.
    My new pet Agreomorf says hi to you.

  15. I just now noticed… That cat is very Young. At least 4-5 years of age
    relative to Human Years.
    Poor Mr. Meowmers…
    Now then: Who’s gonna send the Compensation check?

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