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Watch Dogs Parkour in Real Life in 4K

Check out the latest Watch Dogs Video! The game comes out May 27th! Watch the behind the scenes on the making of …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Watch Dogs Video Game Tips

Watch Dogs Video Game Tips

  • low file size
  • updates when you leave a comment
  • very instructional videos

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25 Responses to Watch Dogs Parkour in Real Life in 4K

  1. It’s funny how there isn’t nearly this much parkour in the actual game.
    It’s pretty much all in the short chase sequences with criminals that last
    like 2 minutes at best. Even then the most parkour you do is hopping a

  2. Should I get this game? It seriously looks badass but the reviews made it
    out to be just an average game. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

  3. A complex hack that turns off all the power is just a giant lightning bolt
    icon you tap on? lol…. and he turns off the lights to literally walk
    away slowly 10 feet down the alley? The police would have turned to their
    left and said “oh there he is… BAM” dead….

  4. Wait… if you guys bought the jacket from the Watch Dog store do you mean
    Ubi Workshop cause DAMN! That coat would have been over 1,000 $!?

  5. devin i suggest you not to put annotations in the video… just put them in
    the end man… you ruin all the run with those things

  6. One of my favorite vids but the ending was just garbage to be honest. Your
    telling me the guy escaped without the police seeing him at that distance.
    Although the lights went out in that area they were still visible.

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