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Watch Dogs 140 Minutes of Gameplay Walkthrough 1080p HD Full Gameplay Video

Enjoy this 140 Minutes Video Comprised of several Watch Dogs Gameplay. Comment, and subscribe for more! Info on Watch Dogs- Watch Dogs is an open world actio…

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39 Responses to Watch Dogs 140 Minutes of Gameplay Walkthrough 1080p HD Full Gameplay Video

  1. I see a lot of people still talking trash about PS4 and Xbox One players.
    Guys, come on! Console Wars are dumb! Let people enjoy their systems and
    have fun with the game. PS4 is a great system, but it does have flaws and
    Xbox One is a good system, just has flaws too. Don’t waste your time trying
    to bash other gamers for what console they play on. to each its own.

    Anyways, I can’t wait for this game! Looks like it will be better than GTA
    V. I am loving the whole hacking system and it just looks like a fresh, new
    idea! Probably will be playing this game a lot this summer. I find it even
    better that it is set in the city I live in. The whole technology aspect
    has a huge impact on me as I find it creepy with all of the information
    hackers can get into and changes the whole game play! I think this will be
    a giant step into the REAL next-gen games.

    I hope everybody enjoys the game on their consoles, Happy Gaming!

  2. I know that graphics are not that important but I kinda feel like I was
    cheated after comparing this to the E3 gameplay. 

  3. 1:52 “as you can see, he looks like a random NPC”

    … except that he has a big “Colin” over his head and he’s the only one
    running around all goofy like a user-controlled character, skating around
    without roller skates …

  4. Just watched the new Robocop and it was actually a decent film. Had me
    thinking it wouldn’t be a bad idea for dlc for this game. Not necessarily
    as Robocop, just a cop who can hack cameras to track down a criminal who is
    linked with your case like Robocop does. If can’t find him use cameras to
    track known associates. Ubisoft obviously have more creative people than
    myself and could make a good story or dlc out of this but would be cool.

  5. Why is aiden wearing so weird clothes? I mean in 2014 nobody’s walking
    around like this. In my opinion it’s also easy to remember how he looks so
    everybody who saw him in the news will call the cops on him.

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