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25 Responses to Washing The Kitten

  1. To all you uneducated pricks out there screaming animal abuse, first read
    the description of the video. Second, water is not bad for cats any more
    than it’s bad for you and me. Most cats just don’t like being wet, that’s

    The thing is, some cats need to be bathed for any number of reasons. Like
    if they have fleas, and can’t have flea medication used on them. They could
    be too dirty to lick themselves clean. They could be too old or too fat,
    and then they can’t reach certain places to clean themselves alone. For
    long haired cats it’s actually recommended that you give them a bath every
    now and again.

  2. Stupid people!!! That kitten would have died!! Too small for bathes! In USA
    are stupid people!!! So uneducated! he even didn’t take a towel!!!!

  3. When I was a child, our cat had a litter of 6 kittens and my dad bagged
    them and threw them in the river at the back of our house. I could hear
    them meowing and crying as the bag sank, but I wasn’t going to risk my life
    by going in after them

  4. We’re all tired of saying this over and over again, but also we’re tired of
    reading about animal cruelty every f@cking time someone posts a video like
    this. Bathing a kitten when it needs it it’s not animal cruelty. The wrong
    things I noticed is the fact they’re cleaning it outside and they’re using
    something that looks like dishwasher liquid, but I’m not sure since I can’t
    see the label. It’s better to use special shampoo for kittens, but since
    it’s sometimes too expensive, baby shampoo is a good substitute. Read the
    description, the kitten was covered in fleas, you can see them in the
    water, and it’s getting dirty from their crap (or blood, call it what you
    want, it’s the same thing). Parasite killing medicaments are more
    live-threatening for a small kitten than a bath (and so is anemia).

  5. Someone said Americans are ignorant, to certain extent I agree with this
    statement. Whether a kitten needs a bath is controversial, but at least
    please make it short and quick!!! The guy in this clip is totally cold
    blooded and has no mercy for the kitten’s feeling!! He bathed the kitten
    slowly and let it be soaked for long time!! And why needed so much

  6. It’s a good thing that they introduced the kitten to bathing this early. It
    could stop a lot of problems later on.

  7. Poor kitty! She doesn’t look happy at all. And why is the kitten being
    washed with dish detergent instead of pet shampoo?

  8. Aww Poor baby, though this is so cute. For flea baths (dish soap or
    otherwise) you ought to wet the face, ears and anus first to stop the fleas
    fleeing to those places. 

  9. there is always a shortage of this and that. Funny there never seems to be
    a shortage of morons. The man was doing what he thought was best for the
    kitten and in humble opinion doing a good job

  10. Hey, if the choice is between her getting dirty and having those fleas,
    this is a no-brainer. Though they need to change that water fast. 

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