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Videos for your Cat – Red-Winged Black Birds

Here’s a funny cat video. Hope you like it!

Here’s a nice HD video of some Red-Winged Black Birds, among a few other birds. You’ll notice a lot of ducks walking down the path, as well as their quacks. …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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49 Responses to Videos for your Cat – Red-Winged Black Birds

  1. My kitten usually loves to watch anything on TV but this one made her
    nervous. She really thought birds were around the house. I loved it,

  2. My cat has never been more relaxed or cat like until he watched this video.
    Thank you! He likes to watch it and when the birds fly towards the screen
    he flinches or pounces.

  3. My cat was so concentrated lol But he’s just a kitten so of course, he got
    distracted outside the screen. I know he loved it though, thanks!

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  5. I know I’m weird for doing this but I actually enjoy the videos more than
    my cat does.Yea, she watches it intently and then does her own thing. But
    the bird sounds soothe me. Can you make a channel for humans? With crickets
    and waterfalls and oceans? I’d subscribe to that as well.

  6. My cat, as usual, did not give a shit. She seemed more bothered by me
    looking at the screen and not paying attention to her than anything.

  7. my cat doesn`t seem to get where is she supposed to look, she keeps looking
    out of the window or every where else, she likes the sound but doesn`t know
    where it`s coming from

  8. My cat doesn’t seem to be interested; I even set the quality to 1080p and
    fullscreen’d it and he didn’t care. Then again these cats also don’t care
    about laser pointers…

  9. Thank you for your kind comment. This is the absolutely the reason that
    these videos exist! Everyone should be able to have a stimulated and happy
    cat even in an apartment. I’d love for you to post a video response of
    them, they sound very cute!!

  10. My Cat LOVED this Video!! She watched until it was over…and I Videoed her
    watching!!! By the way, These Birds are MY Favorite!!! Thank You!! for
    making these Videos!! EXCELLENT!!!

  11. Well, we liked the previous vid we looked at, with close-ups of individual
    birds, better. After a while, kitty looked at me as if she’d had enough
    with this one. Maybe we’ll try an aquarium next.

  12. maybe i was a cat in my previous life or something b/c i just stared at
    this video for like good 5 minutes sitting at my desk… ha. anyway, i just
    recommended your videos to my friend with a highly demanding kitten. i hope
    it works on my friend’s kitten. i mean it works on a human like me.. so i
    should work on a kitten, right? *knock on wood*

  13. What happened to Black Cats??? The last three or four singers were not
    strong. Some singers had low voice quality and couldn’t sing properly. This
    time the singer is much better than before, but the product is not so good.´╗┐

  14. Intor Ke SAMI BEIGI mige, kolan hame dozdan. Aval GHEYSAR, alan ham SHAHBAL
    !!!! vaghean az ishoon baeed bood, shahbal harchi bashe, estedad yaabe
    khoobie ke hichkas nemitoone in ghazie ro rad kone :)´╗┐

  15. black cats baiad kheily vaght pisha mibast miraft , ina chie ? video aslan
    dar hade blackcats nabod , shabihe male in khanande jadida , dialogaie
    vasatam eftezah ´╗┐

  16. I love this song and this singer ! I love Somi beigi also but I think this
    song is amazing , just listen and injoy people … Don’t care about the
    other things this is not our business !! They will find someway between
    each other !

    Good luck edvin ! Your voice and song made every minute of my last two days

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