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Videos for your Cat – Chickadees

Here’s a funny video from You Tube showing a very funny cat

A nice long video of mostly Chickadees eating from some well-placed bird feeders. Red-Winged Black Birds make an entrance every once in a while, much to the …

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25 Responses to Videos for your Cat – Chickadees

  1. Different cats like different videos. Mine not so much with this one, but
    it is no surprise other cats love it. Just like people they have their
    favorite “genre” of movies! You have several other movies my cat loves.

  2. My cats like the video, but I only see sparrows and a red winged blackbird.
    No chickadees. Love chickadees, so I guess that’s what made me notice.

  3. Haha it put both of mine to sleep too. They came and sat, hypnotized, until
    they both stretched out next to the tablet and passed out. Relaxing for
    humans too!!

  4. My cat doesn’t pay attention to the screen either. He comes running when I
    play cats or kittens meowing looking underneath my laptop but I can’t get
    him to notice the screen.

  5. Gato was stalking the blackbirds differently than the chickadees, standing
    on my legs, reacting to other birds flying. I had to stop after 2 1/2
    minutes because he was beginning to get angry with me for holding him back
    from the monitor stand. Gato’s five star favorite. Human supervision
    suggested. We are all glad it’s so long.

  6. both my cats watched, although the younger one watched it for longer, both
    even tried to swat at the birds with there paws.

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