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Videos for Cats

OK, so this one is not really a video of cats, but a video for cats!

These people made a video of birds around their bird feeder. They reckon cats love watching it!

I’m waiting for my cat to come inside and I’ll try it out on him.

6-7 minute video of a flurry of various birds around our large bird feeder. Cats really enjoy watching this clip for hours. Also look for our squirrel video!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to Videos for Cats

  1. When I showed this to my cat he immeditaley leaped to the back of the compouter only to have this really sad look of sorrow on his face

  2. Our cat, Tom Brady, (yes, his REAL name!) was enthralled by this video. The paws kept reaching up to touch the birds………alas……

  3. Great video for cats, my cat watched the show from my lap then she went for a closer look. It baffled the her, she went to the speaker and then stalked around the back of the monitor to sneak up on the birds. I enjoyed watching the cat but I think it felt a bit cheated by the birds it could not find.

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  5. My cat did the cutest thing. I put this on for him and he was very interested so near the end of the video I went into the kitchen and my cat ran into the kitchen about 2 mins after me, meowed at me then ran into the living room so i followed him, he layed by the laptop and meowed again so I replayed it and he was fully intrigued again. Aw!

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