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Video Game Facts As Told By Cats

I hope you enjoy this video showing a Cats video

No, seriously- can I haz video gamez? Post to Facebook: Like BuzzFeedVideo on Facebook: Post to Twitter: http…

25 Responses to Video Game Facts As Told By Cats

  1. People are sick, dying, being killed, hungry, doing drugs, and fighting for
    your country and you want to do is complain just because someone made a
    video that has cats in it. Really?

  2. I thought buzzfeed had standards, this video is so stupid it hurts my brain.

    And before you children cry at me for “HATIENZ ZE KATS”, It’s not the cats
    that I hate, it’s the stupidity of this video.

  3. Remake the video with the same facts except the last one with last dance
    and remove the cats. There you have a better video then this.

  4. The dislike bar scares me… Why are people disliking THIS, it’s made to
    look stupid on purpose. Such ignorance, much stupid, wow.

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