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Underworld – Kittens

Here’s a funny video from You Tube showing a very funny cat

Beaucoup Fish (1999) All work belongs to Underworld. To buy the album here’s the link:!/109395. Lilly, a black Labrador mix, was pregnant when she was rescued by the Humane Society in Burlington, Ohio. After her puppies were delivere…
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  1. They give the pucker Es to their homies and they sell it on to the kids in
    the club. What’s your name? What have you had? Reach for the lasers. Safe
    as fuck.

  2. Kind of… oh btw correction, he sounds like 12 😛 I’m 14 and I got a way
    deeper voice than him… I had his voice when I was like what, 9?

  3. Every club is different, but in the Asylum it’s the manager. He has a
    string of homeboys dealing the pucker Es to the party people in the club.
    He makes the most coin out of this enterprise. His homies will make just a
    couple of quid on each pucker. His homies are also scoping for other
    dealers on the block. Where the homies have an illegitimate pucker E dealer
    in their website they tell the bouncers. The bouncers grip him, nab his
    stash and kick him out with a physical warning.

  4. We took in an abandoned kitten, within a couple days our dog had taken him
    under her wing and started nursing him 

  5. We took in an abandoned kitten, within a couple days our dog had taken him
    under her wing and started nursing him 

  6. Human mess this world and everything up. If we did not interfere we would c
    and understand that we are NOT the chosen one and that love and compassion
    is NOT our exclusivity (Well let me not even get into the horrors that
    mankind have done and continue to do to their own , to animals and to this
    precious planet). There may not be HELL but there well be certainly a HAVEN
    for animals).

  7. I had a cat that had kittens and my cat killed most of her kittens. And my
    dog was able to rescue one of the kittens and my dog nursed the cat to
    health. We didn’t know how the heck it was happened. Well at that time, my
    dog wasn’t fixed. So I called the vet and I asked them how the kitten could
    still be surviving. And they said where my dog wasn’t fixed that my dog had
    milk inside of her to keep the kitten alive. And the kitten did live. My
    dog wouldn’t let my cat get her kitten. Even when the kitten grew older, we
    decided to keep the cat, my dog still ate with it and played with it. They
    were the best of friends. So it can happen!

  8. This is so cute! And rather amazing. Humans, as sentient, caring beings, do
    this all the time. So many baby animals get rescued and taken care of by
    not only humane societies, but average people everywhere. Almost every
    animal my family ever had was either from the pound or right off the
    street, and I know there are a lot of people who are the same way. So it is
    really neat to see animals making this connection too. Especially the
    leopard, whose first instinct you would think would be to eat the baboon.
    This is really cool.

  9. I feel like a dad for all small creatures I meet, there is no way I would
    ever intentionally harm an animal unless it was in correspondence with the
    laws of nature which means for food or to feed.

    I have grown up with animals and have gotten into fist fights with people
    who didn’t show proper respect for the beauty of life before, I see it as a
    responsibility to defend those who can’t ask for protection and help those
    who can’t ask for it.

    Babies are babies, to me it doesn’t matter if they have fur, feathers,
    scales or smooth skin.

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