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Tummy kisses – the world’s cutest kitten, Liberty(aka Libby)

Here’s a funny cat video. Hope you like it!

My husband gives our new kitten, Libby, a few tummy kisses and bppppppppppppppth’s.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Anime does her version of Jenna Marbles’ classic. Subscribe to The Pet Collective: Facebook: Tw…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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50 Responses to Tummy kisses – the world’s cutest kitten, Liberty(aka Libby)

  1. Back up, yo in MY SPACE! U see deees cwaas,thays about to scawtch U up baad, dont cwall me a BIG BABBY, less U waana be cwuying like one! ALOHA & MEEOOWW

  2. When a kitten/cat exposes its tummy intentionally, it trusts you. But you are betraying the cat’s/kitten’s trust when you touch its tummy. That’s why the kitten was biting and clawing at you. But cute video BTW

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  5. I agree; he probably is the leader of some badass motorcycle gang and he probably just returned home from blowing up a bar somewhere, but I can’t say that snorting eyebrows (wtf?) and being able to swallow big things are necessarily qualities of manliness….

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