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25 Responses to Trim Your Kittens’ Claws – Safe & Easy

  1. I tried clipping my kittens (12 weeks) nails today for the first time and
    her nail split. I was using regular nail clippers. do you know what I could
    have done wrong? I tried two and the same thing happened to both. I feel so
    bad cause I’m not sure if it hurts her. please help.

  2. My boyfriend and I have made it a routine to trim our cats’ claws. We
    always gives treats or a can of wet food afterwards. One of them actually
    enjoys when we do it and purrs as we clip. So I imagine if people regularly
    do it, over time it won’t be too difficult to do.

  3. I can never get my Joey to sit still enough to trim his claws by myself.
    Someone will have to hold him while I trim his claws. My vet does it easily
    because Joey is too frightened being at the vet’s so he keeps himself rigid
    all the time.
    Helios is at the age when he’s teething and likes to bite. I remember Baby
    Kat and Joey biting me when they were Helios’ age but as they grew older
    they both stopped biting. Sorry the video didn’t work out as well as you
    planned, but we get the point! 😉 

  4. Do you find it easier to use regular nail clippers versus the clippers they
    sell in the pedicure sets at the pet shops? Just wondering if there is a
    big difference. I am so enjoying watching the mighty Helios go through his
    kitten stages. You are most definitely a cat whisperer! :)

  5. Aww this is such a sweet video. I subbed 🙂 I like how you did everything
    to get him to the chair and I can imagine him just sitting there staring at
    you. I’m pretty new at this so I’m glad to see that a bit of a struggle or
    wiggling is normal. I think you took your time very well and showed
    something more realistic than what I’ve seen in some of the other videos
    where everything is perfect, then they merely suggest what you could do if
    it doesn’t go as smoothly with your kitten, and it’s not the same. 

  6. think he knows you are filming on camera when he tries to get on your
    shoulder XD. And think you should try and trims he’s claws in morning so he
    would be relax and not resisting alot. also very cute X3

  7. Thank you very much for that Video! I learn much from you. My cat is now 1
    year old. Is that to late to start training?

  8. Oh sorry about that. I meant my comment as a word of advice to all cat
    owners out there. I can tell from your videos that you are a cat guru!

  9. But when you push out the claws by pressing like that does it hurt??? Coz I
    always have this thinking inside my head which is “isn’t that very painful
    when you press it out like that”

  10. Hi. My name is Arlette also known as Kitty. My mom is thinking about
    cutting my little sisters cat Miette yes, it is a boy cat’s claws. It will
    probable be a struggle, but we will find a way. The reason we are cutting
    Miette’s claws is because he sharpens than all the time everyday. 

  11. Agree. Cats will get used to getting their claws trimmed with time. Also,
    some cats don’t mind, especially if they already like for u to hold them in
    your lap. I have 2 cats, both 5yrs old. One is quite content when it’s
    trimming time and the other I have to give him break in between paws. Also,
    for me it’s easier using the nail clipper that has handles like scissors;
    I’m not fumbling as much w a tiny normal nail clipper.

  12. This was pretty useful information. I usually trim my cat’s nails when they
    are calming down for a nap, they don’t seem to mind it as much. : )

  13. Wow..i can see how difficult it is to cut its nails…
    are there any Stores available where i can get all this things done,instead
    of doing it by myself?

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