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Touching beginning of new friendships – Puppy Surprise Present Compilation

Touching beginning of new friendships - Puppy Surprise Present Compilation – Who doesn’t love puppies as a present?! Here is a compilation of some people who are fortunate enough to be gif…

These big puppies meet their father for the first time and play a nice game of hide and go seek. | For more Too Cute!, visit…
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50 Responses to Touching beginning of new friendships – Puppy Surprise Present Compilation

  1. I just hope after new year when kids and adulds also realize you need to
    take care of your dog all those gifts do not end on the streets. You need
    to raise your dog, teach him and only then you get true and faithful
    friend. Please consider what you can afford to your dog and really consider
    purchase of a pet, adopt and do not buy dog or cat from those people who
    breed dogs for puppies only. They are living beings. Also consider adoption
    from shelter because that way you can save more than one life. Dog or any
    other living being is not a gift its a bond to the living entity. Please
    consider that. Your dog needs time and only if you can give him what he
    needs you can live with him in home full of harmony. Dog has needs if you
    can not ensure him repletion of his needs buy than plushy toy because dog
    is not a toy. Even when this video looks good for dog it’s very stresfull.
    Dog is not a toy but living beeing.

  2. This made me cry ;);( It is nice to know that people are happy with their
    new dogs but… We might have to put mine down soon ;((

  3. This ist cute and I feel everybody should experience the unconditional love
    of a dog, but why the hell does everybody keep sticking the poor puppies in
    boxes! Yes, it is just for a short period of time but image how those few
    minutes are for the dog?

    You are in a dark box, can barely move, nothing smells familiar, you can’t
    see where the unfamiliar smell is coming from but you can hear strange
    voices and suddenly someone you have never met turns on the light (opens
    the box), starts screaming and grabs and you… that sh*t would freak you
    out too!

    If you ask me, people that put puppies in boxes are the kind of people that
    see a dog as a thing that you own (sadly, that is how the law treats them
    too) instead of a living creature… But there is hope for those people
    because, even though that little puppy might never forget those horrible 5
    minutes, he will teach those people what unconditional love and respect for
    an animal really is.

  4. grandfather with a puppy))) all the way to tears! quite possibly it is only
    in this age, got a puppy dreaming about him all my life! дедушка со
    щенком))) аж до слёз! вполне возможно он только в этом возрасте получил
    щенка мечтая о нём всю жизнь!

  5. I cross post dogs on FB that are on death row in shelters all over the
    country many of whom started off just like this. While many of these
    people look like they will love and cherish their dog for the rest of it’s
    life sadly people find a million reasons to “regift” their “surprise
    puppies” to kill shelters. Then I cry again when I see their one year old
    faces staring back at me through bars alone and afraid. PLEASE adopt,
    NEVER shop. If your child or grandma can’t take care of the dog in the
    future make sure you can. Never sell or give away animals on Craig’s List
    and if you must rehome please find a rescue or no kill shelter that you
    know will take good care of your pet. A dog isn’t a present for Christmas
    it’s a gift from God. Many blessings to all of the happy adoptions that
    became life long families. And please spay and neuter! Thanks for
    understanding, I just felt it needed to be said especially coming up on
    Christmas again. I have four FB rescues laying here by the fire who would
    agree 🙂 They save us, it’s the least we can do, honor our commitment.
    Happy holidays.

  6. este video si es lindo y bello y me hiso recordar los momentos divertidos
    con mi puppy cuando lo vi en mi cumpleaños
    y estaba emocionado y feliz jamas lo olvidare

  7. Who said that only little kids have a ”right” to want or cry over a
    puppy? :”D
    i mean HEY we adults have a soul too u know,kids,so we want puppies too! x”D
    D’aaaaaawwww Great video !! (^3^)/

  8. Re bueno el vídeo, great !! de pronto podría poner la opción para subtitulo
    al español, saludos desde Perú 🙂 

  9. I’ve been begging for a puppy for four years, hubby always says no, *sigh*
    this video makes me jealous and happy all at the same time

  10. I WANT TO SQUISH THEIR WRINKLES!!!! I LOVE mastiffs, but the drool gets
    EVERYWHERE lol. I’ve taken care of a 210lb (210lbs of love!) bull mastiff
    who I absolutely adore, but he has this one gross habit of taking a long
    drink of water and then slopping his dripping jowls into my lap, lol.
    That’s what towels are for, I guess!

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