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Tomcat Reacts to Cute Ginger Kitten

Here’s a funny video from You Tube showing a very funny cat

Tomcat Reacts to Cute Ginger Kitten

Helios just wants to be friends, but Zeus & Phoebe are having none of that. Follow Us on Watch All Kitten Videos Here: http…
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27 Responses to Tomcat Reacts to Cute Ginger Kitten

  1. Ginger kittens are my favorites ever. You have no idea of how jealous I am
    of your life with ginger kittens, haha !

  2. Helios: Hey Zeus! Hey Phoebe! Can we be best buddies?
    Zeus and Phoebe: No!!! We don’t want to deal with another kitty on our

  3. Introducing older cats to a new one should be done step by step without
    distractions and without intervention and done in neutral territory and 1
    cat at a time. Cats have good memories and a bad start can cause bad
    relationships to last forever.

    To older cats, their house and owner is their territory. A new scent is
    basically someone taking claim to their territory. Territory (hunting
    grounds, mating grounds) means life and death to animals. This is very

  4. Hi Zeus and Phoebe! it’s Sammy again! you should be more nicer to Helios.
    Because he’s a kitten, and you should be more nicer, and NO hissing!

  5. Poor Helios! Goodness, such “language”, Zeus! At least Phoebe asked to
    leave the room. I guess there will be more time spent getting everyone to
    know each other. 

  6. Hahaha after 4:10 when zeus started meowing at you i laughed so hard coz he
    is like talking to you which is so funny 

  7. Zeus is interested, just hissing to say “So little one, I’m the boss just
    for you to know” i think.
    And Pheobe is just like “OMFG go awaaaaay, he wants to eat me <.<" Am I right? Why is Zeuse hissing at you when he is lying on the bed and Helios on the chair? The end was the best. Helios trying to play a little^^ I think they come along in time :D

  8. Be nice, Zeus! Stop hissing, howling and growling at sweet Helios…
    But I`m sure they`ll get along well after a while. Very nice video!

  9. Yes, this is so typical… Little Helios just looking like, “What’s
    wrong?…ok I will play with your tail then”. Well, at least no one will
    die of boredom in that house for awhile!…lol

  10. Cute cats and kitten lol. Do Zues and Pheobe always act like that? Or do
    they only act like that when Helios is around? 

  11. LOL Zeus is so darn cute!!! They all are. Helios is getting huge looks like
    he’s going to be a big cat. I brought two kitten home 6 months ago and my
    cat (looks just like yours) reacted they same way they did but he
    eventually got used to the kittens. We are now a big happy family lol. 

  12. Helios doesn’t seem to know that the hisses from the other cats are to
    scare him away and unwelcome him..? So cute man. I’m awaiting two kittens
    to join me and my family and my cat, my cat is a female and responds dearly
    to sounds of kittens from YouTube, so I really hope that she can motherly
    foster take care of them, or at least get along with them… will use
    positive association if needed

  13. This was how my calico queen Harvey dent was when I brought home my brown
    tabby Goomba from the shelter. 2 years later they’re pals, but I can tell
    she still doesn’t like him as much lol like, she’ll climb on me or next to
    me and act cute until she sees him wanting attention too, she’ll walk away
    and lose interest. Lol one time I had Goomba laying under my blanket with
    me and Harvey dent climb on top and layed with me as well because she
    didn’t know he was there. He eventually moved and she figured it out and
    walked away hahahahahaha they do have their moments though where they’ll
    groom each other or sleep together. Harvey dent just likes to be the only
    cat sometimes heheh 

  14. It will take time and a lot of patience. I have 7 cats and in time I have
    learned to introduce every “new entry” to the other cats. Zeus and Phoebe
    are just telling to Helios: “this is our territory and we were here before
    you came”. Helios luckily is not aggressive and is accepting the fact he is
    a subordinate. They will become friends, eventually :)

  15. I remember the first time our orange tabby Lightning was home, Maggie
    didn’t like him at first, but she eventually warmed up to him.

  16. wow I guess it is going to take quite a while yet. Have you tried the
    feeding idea Jackson Galaxy suggests? with Helios on one side of a door and
    the other two on the other side so they get used to associating good things
    like food with the smell of Helios? 

  17. LOL! My new Ginger kitteh Mister Mow had to go through a similar
    introduction with my black kitteh and my white kitteh.
    Happily, it all worked and the black kitteh has become Mister Mow’s best
    bud! :D

  18. I am just glad you didn’t get hurt. Zeus was licking he lips, growling and
    hissing. Sometimes cats get into a one minded track. I know he normally
    doesn’t hurt you maybe could have at that time. Maybe use a toy to distract
    him instead of your finger next time? I also saw zeus scent marking the
    chair. Phoebe seems to be handling the new kitten better than Zeus. At
    least phoebe leaving the area seems better than hissing and growling at
    Helios. I realize I know nothing about cats, but maybe a neutral space or
    site sharing, might help? Looking forward to the next installment. ;)

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