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Thinking Games for “Toy Crazy” Dogs Part Three: Search & Fetch Outside

This is part three of my series on helping so called “toy crazy” dogs learn better impulse control with their toys. In this session I am taking the Find it and Ball in Bowl games outside. Outside…
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Dr. Paw – Crazy Clinic Opening Day

Dr. Paw - Crazy Clinic Opening Day

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5 Responses to Thinking Games for “Toy Crazy” Dogs Part Three: Search & Fetch Outside

  1. Sarah – when she begins chewing more quickly you say that she is trying to
    “self soothe”. I’m not sure if I agree or disagree with that – do you have
    any further information where that hypothesis came from?

  2. Pt. two. The pattern I notice is that the chewing pauses the game right
    then. She moves away from me. Chews. and I can visually see her breathing
    slow down. When I quit the game right then and totally allow her a few
    minutes break, she then bring s the toy just fine. Excessive chewing then
    has become my gauge for her arousal level.

  3. Hi Julie! It is a hypothesis based on how well I know this particular dog.
    Another hypothesis is that she is an adolescent and the chewing is more
    reinforcing on those teeth than continuing the game at this moment. I
    wouldn’t categorically say all dogs who steal toys and refuse to give them
    back are self soothing. But Ghilly only chews like this when she’s been
    playing hard and her arousal level is high. 8/10 she brings the toy and
    immediately asks to play again by dropping it.

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