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The Winery Dogs – Elevate Music Video (Official)

Official Music Video for “Elevate” The Winery Dogs are: Richie Kotzen (guitar/vocals) Billy Sheehan (bass/vocals) Mike Portnoy (drums/vocals) http://www.thew…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 Responses to The Winery Dogs – Elevate Music Video (Official)

  1. All these nasty, negative comments amuse me. These guys are all top-tier
    musicians. What music have you produced? Where are your albums for people
    to listen to and pick apart? They’re making music that a lot of people
    really dig and they’re enjoying themselves, at the same time. If you don’t
    like it, that’s fine. But do you really need to be such asses about it?
    Just go back to listening to your Five Finger Death Punch or Spice Girls,
    or whatever the hell you enjoy and leave well enough alone.

  2. Saw a performance of this the other night on VH1 Classic from the 2014
    Sonisphere Festival. I was not even aware of this band prior to that, but
    the performance blew me away. Really fucking great stuff, and every member
    of the band is a virtuoso talent at their particular instrument. I was
    already familiar with Mike Portnoy and Billy Sheehan. I’m not familiar with
    the Singer/Guitarist, but he’s brilliant as well, and this is a really cool
    song. I’ll probably wind up getting these guys’ album. Good stuff!!!

  3. Just amazing music as always by the Winery Dogs, but the damn video is
    irritating. It feels like the music is secondary on a demo-video to sell
    the editing software; check out all the fun and interesting things this
    software allows you to do!

  4. It´s not just their skill on the instrument, a true genius in music is what
    Richie Kotzen does in stage, i can guarantee and asure that he is one of
    the best performers ever, you have to listen him live, it´s not about
    lights, a show, no it´s about skill, mature and concept… trust me,
    hearing Rk live will blow your mind…

  5. Excellent groupe rock formé en 2013, j’ai suivi la formation de se groupe
    de très près et leur premier album est excellent, définitivement mon favori
    de 2014 et je l’écoute régulièrement depuis son lancement.

    Au fait, Mike Portnoy est aux drums, juste pour donner une idée.

  6. Wonderful execution of quitarra and under, well accompanied by drums,
    generous voice, the melody could arreglse a bit. The video is not very
    good. But the sound is great. Thanks.

  7. All you metal heads…did you forget to open your minds?! This band is
    fucking awesome! Saw them pushed on That Metal Show tonight after
    Sonictheather 2014 last week! Buying this for my Christmas! piss off.

  8. Love the song!

    Hate the video because of this:
    0:35 Sheenan is not playing that E note
    1:41 Sheenan is not playing at all
    2:05 Sheenan did not play 2 notes
    2:12 Portnoy did an extra crash
    3:46 Kotzen, your guitar is not even there!
    3:58 Kotzen, how do you get to make that sound WITHOUT a pick?
    4:09 Sheenan, that’s not the note you’re supposed to play!
    4:25 Prtnoy, dude, you are not even trying!
    4:35 Portnoy, wrong tom dude! it was the snare!
    4:43 Portnoy, ok thats a tough one, I’ll pass it

    Put this little things away, and its an awesome video and song 

  9. I can’t believe some people actually find fault in a group of musicians
    because, they LACK any faulty playing and writing skills? Did I get that
    correct? Whoa, what planet am I on?

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    the little boys foot.then it come so quick in a flash and the cat tried to
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