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The Ultimate Funny Cats Video

Yep, we love stupid cats falling over and acting all cute, which is why we’ve assembled our favourite clips so you don’t have to go trawling Youtube for ’em …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to The Ultimate Funny Cats Video

  1. Why is the song so depressing? I feel like I should be driving across an
    apocalyptic landscape while listening to it. 

  2. Matched this up to Tchaikovski, Martin O’Donell, and the theme from
    Disney’s Pirates. It only got better from there.

  3. Genius…though I’m amazed by some of the comments you’re getting
    through…think they missed something with the vid!

  4. what a stupid fucking song. CATS THAT ARE FUNNY DON’T CRY OUT IN….
    “feeuhr”?.. thats how I was raised to beleive, but then again, i do have a
    boner.. yes, an IRR3CTION! eeeeuhrectchon. i think i those few words i
    learned to despise people beaten down by life, and this fat girl who live
    about 20 minutes away. man, she is somthing else, you know when theyr so
    big n’ they try and wrap theyre legs around you but they can’t and get
    tired and give up half way through?

  5. OMG this is so funny!! i could not stop laughing hahha great job and i lost
    both of my cats they had passed two months after the other; they were
    sisters. anyway i miss my cats and i didnt realize how funny they can be l0l

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