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50 Responses to Techno Kitten Adventure-Lava Pack song

  1. For people that say Pewds sucks and he copied from Nova:

    I actually think that Nova is in their group (I think it was called ‘The
    Creatures’ or ‘Nightshades’) so idk why everyone is just yelling or
    randomly saying that pewds copied from nova. I mean in my opinion I think
    its ok for people to play games that other famous or not famous youtubers
    play and record.

    (Please also dont argue with me…)

  2. This has nothing to do with this vid but I’ll tell you anyway check out
    corpse party blood coved and I cried 10 times about 25 deaths yeah it’s so
    sad and a little kid called Yuku dies that’s the saddest bit in it and in
    the game she’s 5 I think it’s Japanese by the way

  3. Pewds of course ( note this is my chose that pewdiepie sent me here u may
    say your opinion but i’ll keep mine) I love this song

  4. This song is truly magical, but only if you truly believe can you feel the
    magic inside the song to make you whole again.

  5. idiot song. britney doesnt want this song. just wanna rage a cheap
    publicity. your old. so u just wanna gain popularity using the legendary
    miss britney spears. 

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