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Teach a Puppy to Sit | Teacher’s Pet With Victoria Stilwell

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25 Responses to Teach a Puppy to Sit | Teacher’s Pet With Victoria Stilwell

  1. How many treats are ok to give a 10 week old puppy when training? I’m
    afraid that much repetition to train her is too many treats. 

  2. what do i do if my dog won’t even EAT the treats?? let alone eat anything I
    give him with my hand. my dog’s very shy

  3. I’m doing this with my 10 month old puppy tag to adopted a few weeks ago
    and he’s starting to understand it thanks!

  4. Let’s i do this a couple of days and he gets the hand/voice command. When
    do i move from giving treats to just praise? Or will i always have to give
    him a treat?

  5. I’m trying to train my dog basic commands, but since hes a beagle he’ll do
    anything for food. He won’t get the message and just keep on BITING my
    hand! It hurts!!! What should I do?

  6. My pup is 2 months old and has not learned anything yet. I’m trying to
    teach her how to sit, but she is biting my hands and it is too aggressive.
    Should I teach her not to bite first? And how do I teach her?

  7. My pup German shepherd also bite me when she is trying to get the treat,
    but I use a t shirt instead of my hands. And it worked !!!! She got the
    idea in less then 10 minutes !!!!!

  8. As someone who is closely involved with dog and puppy training I am very
    interested in the methods outlined in this video.

  9. My pup had 5 months, she’s one Akita Inu, and i can’t make her
    sit, actually she don’t to stop when it comes to food. What i can do ? 

  10. I have a lhasa apso ..whenever i try to do any trick with treats in my
    hand,it starts to bite me…what to do???

  11. I adopted a dog of 11 months and I want to ask if it doesn’t matter if he
    is that age, he still going to learn ?

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