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Talking Kitty Cat 29 – Kitten Sitting

Talking Kitty Cat 29 -  Kitten Sitting

2013 – The little kitten’s name is Izzy. She comes to stay with us when my mom is out of town. Sylvester really shows his evil side in this video. https://ww…
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25 Responses to Talking Kitty Cat 29 – Kitten Sitting

  1. LOL!!!!
    Shelby dont like Izzy.
    Sylvester dont like Izzy.
    All “S” dont like Izzy but the “G” likes Izzy
    The G is Gibson!
    Thumbs up if u like it guys

  2. I love this little home made Videos of Sylvester and the other
    animal-family-members! Its so great, same is going on with mine! But at
    this time I don’t have a own dog, but I have some Raccoons as Visitors at
    my balcony and sometimes in my kitchen (but I don’t want and like it, if
    they come in 😀 )
    But they are all in good friendship with each other! <3 😉 

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